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Earplugs - do you use them?

Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by beesonthewhatnow, May 22, 2012.


Do you wear earplugs at gigs/clubs?

  1. Always

  2. Sometimes

  3. Never

  4. Eh? Pardon?

  1. Ax^

    Ax^ Silly Rabbit

    wish I had...

  2. Hocus Eye.

    Hocus Eye. Snap, crop, scrap crap

    I take photographs at music gigs in pubs. I always wear earplugs which I carry in a pouch on my keyring. They are just silicone ones you can get from Superdrug or is it Boots - I can't remember. They come in a pack of six and doubtless are not as good as proper musicians ones, but they do the job in taking away the pain. They do not insert into the ear canal bit sit over it on the outside. They also come in handy when on public transport and there are people with high-pitched squeaky voices rabbiting on without a break.

    I have tinnitus which was caused I suspect when I was younger getting too close to speakers at student gigs. My tinnitus is constant but at a low level until I hear something very loud then I wake up with a much worse ringing in my ears than usual.
  3. Epona

    Epona I am Hououin Kyouma

    I wish I had used earplugs when I was younger - my hearing was damaged permanently by being 3 foot away from a massive wall of speakers for a couple of hours in the front row of a Kiss gig when I was a teenager. I could hear nothing besides whistling in my ears for a couple of days afterwards and although most of my hearing returned after a few days, I still suffer from quite bad tinnitus decades later. Having Gene Simmons waggle his tongue at me was pitiful compensation! These days I wear earplugs, I don't need any more damage.
  4. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

  5. nogojones

    nogojones Well-Known Member

    They're ok. I worked in heavy industry for a long time and found these type the most effective:

    You have to roll them real tight and poke them right in so they then expand in your ear canal, but I found them the most effective. So good I normally got a good couple of hours sleep every shift.
  6. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    yeah i've had them ones when working on events and used to have some spare knocking about
    might get those ram ones or similar so i can keep em together in one place

    fucked my ears up with work gigs raves and headphones over the years :(
  7. story

    story Changing the facts

    I always wear earplugs. I've got attenuated earplugs, the ones that are moulded for me personally.

    Sometimes I'll take them out for a part of the gig, and then put them back in when I feel my ears getting a bit tired. But I always always use them for when people are shouting over the music. I use them on the Tube, in pubs, at parties, shopping, I use them everywhere.

    I feel less tired for using them. And of course my hearing is protected.
  8. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen Sproutarian.

    I use hollowfill fibre from a pillow - a bit crude, but it does the job - plus I keep away from the speakers.
    Haven't been out for 10 years though.
  9. Enviro

    Enviro Make your assessment

    I bought some very similar looking ones recently and found them to be very good.

    I see a couple of people on this thread saying that they take them out for particular songs - When I bought my first pair I'm pretty sure the instructions advised against taking them out whilst still in a high noise level area as your ears are accustomed to the lower volume and so taking them out has the potential to be damaging...
  10. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    cheers, will probably get some

    yeah we used to take em in and out at Valve :oops:
    funny but wrong
  11. stethoscope

    stethoscope given up

    I have since my tinnitus started :mad: I read recently that a lot of gigs/nightclubs are often around 100-120db, whilst our ears will tolerate comfortably sound upto 85db and after that hearing loss/damage is more likely. Been reading some interesting information here.
  12. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad RIP Greebo being kinder heckling from the back!

    I've given up going to clubs / gigs as a general rule - far too noisy.

    I work, at least some of the time, with woodworking machinery and I always wear ear defenders plus earplugs when actually using the machines - but just the cans if only passing (but I sometimes think that I'll just be a quick walk past or I can't grab a pair, but this is always a bad move - brings on wooly hearing, a sign of damage).
  13. Silva

    Silva This went well.

    I started using after having the brilliant idea of standing about 5 feet from a drumkit of a noise-rock band. Had to move to the side of the venue after a couple of songs because even standing up was starting to be difficult. Last time I forgot them at home (decided to change jackets at the last minute :facepalm:) it wasn't as bad as I expected, but IIRC it was also one of those stage setups where the first rows get the sound from the backline, not so much from the PA.
  14. BigTom

    BigTom Well-Known Member

    These look basically the same as the Music Safe ones I use and should be good.

    This type is not good for music, takes out too much of the treble, rather than just reducing the overall volume level. Definitely the right kind of thing for industry, but if you want to hear snares and hi-hats clearly, you really want ones designed for music, which have the tunnels through the middle of them so they don't completely cut out the higher frequencies.
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  15. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

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  16. Spymaster

    Spymaster Cockney Wanker

    I use these for shooting: http://www.ultimateear.com/products/reactear.php

    There's a valve inside which lets regular sound through but blocks out gun blast.

    Not sure how useful they'd be for gigs though!
  17. rutabowa

    rutabowa YUPPIES OUT

    i just use cheapo foam Boots ones if a rehearsal is particularly loud. I don't find the sound that bad and i just lose more expensive ones... and actually found they didn't reduce the volume quite enough.
  18. rutabowa

    rutabowa YUPPIES OUT

    oh i see i already replied to this thread. well i still don't wear them at gigs, and still tend to only go to little gigs where the bands have small amps.
  19. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    I tried really hard to use them and bought a moderately expensive pair, but I just couldn't get on the feeling they gave me.
  20. tbtommyb

    tbtommyb Well-Known Member

    timely bump, i have been thinking about getting some. I feel like my ears are on the cusp of having some damage. My problem is that I have to have my headphones up to near full in order to get full sound, though maybe iphones don't go that loud?

    My granny has tinnitus and really suffers from it so I'm going to get some earplugs soon.

    I've been in clubs near the PA where I've thought it sounded probably too loud but not painful (in fact the opposite, sounded damn good), but at boomtown this year the Lion's Den was absurdly loud. I couldn't go much past the sound desk before the highs and mids hurt.
  21. Silva

    Silva This went well.

    I think most electronic equipment in Europe is capped at a lower level to prevent hearing damage. My Sansa Fuze is set to North American because the European limit is absurdly low - good enough to hear at home, worthless in a bus, particularly with regular (not in-ear) headphones.
  22. alsoknownas

    alsoknownas some bloke

    This. I'm glad I read online that ou have to reset SanDisk players to N.American, or I would have been really disappointed with mine.
  23. lunatrick

    lunatrick space travel in my blood

    I think if you are subjected to dodgy sound systems regularly then they would be worth it, Some people don't realise this (I'm sure some of the people in the business on here do though) that you get tinnitus from square wave distortion and it only needs to be once to be permanent. I remember reading an article on Ed Rush and Optical who got it from turning their studio monitors up too loud only once in their studio. I think DJ gigs tend to have better gear now though which doesn't tend to distort as much or need to be straining as it's more powerful than it used to be. I've seen Valve Sound System - god what a load of rubbish :)

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