DWP "Customer Compliance" interview

Discussion in 'benefits and housing' started by andysays, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. paula murphy

    paula murphy New Member

    Wouldn't mind if I was doing wrong but I'm not, live with my 2 sons,5 cats and a Rottweiler don't think that counts as cohabiting! Think its a neighbour shit stirring she's tried calling the housing over me 8 times so this is a bit of a coincidence. Don't go out much or speak to any of them.
  2. paula murphy

    paula murphy New Member

    Went to my interview today some lovely neighbour rang and said I'd been living with someone for 3 yrs. I live with my sons. Can't believe how evil some people are, they classed it as a malicious call in the end. Ffs I'm so honest and tell em everything that changes. If I find out who it is shit will hit the fan.
  3. Celyn

    Celyn Well-Known Member

    Wow, that's a nasty neighbour you have, but I'm glad it's over and you're in the clear. I bet it feels good to breathe again. :)
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  4. andysays

    andysays Defiantly non-premium member

    paula murphy

    Glad to hear you eventually got it sorted out, but sorry it's the result of some malicious fuckery.

  5. paula murphy

    paula murphy New Member

    It was a neighbour that made the call, arsehole needs a life
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  6. paula murphy

    paula murphy New Member

    Had this 3 times now, evil bitch. I'm still angry!!! But I can hold my head up high and know I done nothing wrong unlike them.
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  7. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    paula murphy - glad you are sorted, some neighbours are horrible. Because they are breaking the rules (or would do so) they assume everyone else does the same.
    A taste of their own medicine might be a good idea.
    Pity you can't find out if they report others in such a malicious way, if they did then they must be breaking some laws - stalking / harassment ? - themselves.
    Do you have a decent community manager .......... I suppose if this curtain-twitcher was wasting police time they might do something.
    A disabled chap I know has this sort of thing fairly frequently and I know they are supposed to investigate these calls, they can't say "malicious call" and ignore it ................ he knows who it is, and they are a nasty, nosy piece of work - I think their housing association have warned them for "harassment".

    Sorry for the length of this, I wish you all the best.
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  8. paula murphy

    paula murphy New Member

    I am disabled have several illnesses. I know who it was, I don't bother with anyone. The lady in dwp put it down as a malicious call as it was the same person that's done it twice before. Just annoyed they hide behind a keyboard or a phone, come to my door if they have a problem. They don't like me because I don't go out gossiping with my arms folded. I have spoken to a solicitor and my housing officer. Thankyou for ur kind words x
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  9. paula murphy

    paula murphy New Member

    I had a nervous breakdown the first time and suffered depression, not now they wont bring me down again. I have a lit on all my neighbours but I say nothing that's not my style. My sons have disabilities too so could do without it x
  10. Greebo

    Greebo 'scuse me, Mrs May, can I have my country back? R.I.P.

    Sorry to hear of your situation, and what you've gone through. FWIW my (now) husband and I were maliciously reported to the DWP after somebody got jealous about a new washing machine, chest freezer, and fridge being delivered within the same 3 months. We'd done nothing wrong, and those white goods had been bought via installments from a catalogue as it was the only way we could afford them.

    The anti fraud team kept checking us for 3 long years, and the investigation officers were pleasant enough (given what they'd come to do), even apologetic once each of them realised that we'd done nothing wrong, but it still leaves a very nasty taste to know that somebody dislikes you enough to accuse you of something like that. :(
  11. bootheven

    bootheven New Member

    If your circumstances haven't changed the DWP shouldn't harass you - it's as simple as that.

    Also, if you're standing on your own property just record the compliance officer when he/she calls, and send them a letter by registered mail telling them in writing your circumstances have not changed... after all, that is what they want to know.

    I posted my experience on YouTube.
  12. paula murphy

    paula murphy New Member

    I recorded mine on my mobile altho she didn't know, my mum was there as a witness also. Malicious neighbour I know who it was.
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  13. bootheven

    bootheven New Member

    Whether you tell them you are going to be recording on your own property or not is your prerogative.

    In my case, I very much doubt anyone reported me to the DWP - I've done nothing wrong, and so that doesn't concern me. What does concern me, is that my very own Mr. A.Kilmartin from DWP Customer Compliance is a hardcore pushy cowboy salesman, who ignores verbal statements that don't convert to interviews; ignores written statements that don't convert to interviews, and harasses people indiscriminately to enforce the DWP's hidden agenda:
    1. Collecting and storing peoples private and personal information.
    2. Hitting targets.
    3. Enforcing sanctions.
    My advice to everyone at the receiving end of these people is - DO NOT ENTERTAIN THEM. Period. They might think they hold all the cards - but in truth, and in law, they hold nothing.
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  14. laurajayne60x

    laurajayne60x New Member

    I'm I'm the same situation, I claim income support and have an interview in 2 weeks time. I'm so nervous I don't know what to expect. Someone has told them I have a partner living with me (which I dont) haven't had since December which I told them about. What should I expect in the interview, what questions are asked? thanks
  15. KnarkyBadger

    KnarkyBadger New Member

    Hi I one of these letters through two days ago. Interview on the 19th. I'm 36 with Spina Bifida/Hydrocephalus. I live in a council flat and recently had a carer/friend move in to help me live as I was struggling to cope. The council know. I Receive esa with a premium and DLA (higher mob/mid care), they get esa. We are not a couple. I've phoned local spina bifida association for advice and they'd never heard of this til a month ago and I'm the 2nd SB/H in Gravesend to get pulled in 5wks. Any ideas on what to expect/questions? I've got a friend who is a legal advocate coming with me to meeting - he to had never heard of this. The guy on phone refused to tell me anything what it was about over than fraud/audit, legal statement, bring ID, bring bank statements.
  16. Greebo

    Greebo 'scuse me, Mrs May, can I have my country back? R.I.P.

    Hello laurajayne60x and KnarkyBadger, you'll need to show ID and bank statements (or passbook if you've got that type of account). Yes, the interview, the letter, and just waiting for the day itself is worrying (not to mention inconvenient). Yes IMHO you should take somebody with you, at least for moral support, as nobody thinks straight or remembers well when stressed or frightened (there's a chemical reason for this, it's nothing to do with weakness or stupidity).

    All which will usually be asked is whether the circumstances of your claim have changed, and whether you have anybody living with you as a partner, that's all.

    You can expect to be reminded to tell the DWP about any changes, but IME the DWP are used to malicious reports of benefit claimants. 9 times out of 10 whoever sees you will be inclined to believe you. Your unhappiness at being falsely accused (no need to over act) and puzzlement at who would do such a thing, let alone why, will tell its own tale.

    I agree that going through this is stressful and tiring, and you might never know who accused you, but you really have bugger all to fear as long as you've done nothing wrong.
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  17. laurajayne60x

    laurajayne60x New Member


    I know I have definitely been reported because that was all the info they could give me over the phone. What happens if they don't believe me is my worry, I am telling the truth but whenever I have to go to the job centre I seem to stutter a lot (nerves), last time I only had to go for a work focused interview and couldn't get my words out. my interview isn't for over another week yet and I can't stop worrying. My ex partner sometimes comes round to see our son but he only ever stops 5 mins or so cause i don't want my son to be around him (he has been violent to me in the past, which is the reason for us seperating).
  18. Greebo

    Greebo 'scuse me, Mrs May, can I have my country back? R.I.P.

    I know it can be stressful and very frightening, I've been there. Not very recently, thank goodness. And it can be made worse by feeling as if you live at the mercy of the next bureaucrat you talk to. So concentrate on "this person is here to find out the truth" - it's not nice, but at least you won't have a light shone in your eyes or your fingernails pulled out.

    Be pleasant and polite, but treat them as you would any other stranger. As you feel vulnerable, and have difficulty talking when stressed, it's a reasonable adjustment for you to have another adult (eg friend, neighbour, advocate, keyworker, priest) in the room with you, under the equalities act. You're allowed to have this, anyway.

    Handle "they don't believe me" if and when you come to it, not before. Easy for me to say, but it very very seldom gets that far.

    You can expect follow up checks for the next couple of years, but I can tell you that the person checking on me got quite embarrassed and apologetic about the entire thing. Have a go at the system if you must, but don't have a go at them personally. I know they're working for the wrong side, but treat them as any human being who's just got a nasty but necessary job to do - rat catcher, sewage worker... ;)
  19. ViolentPanda

    ViolentPanda Hardly getting over it.

    As you're on higher mobility component of DLA, you have grounds to request that they come to you, rather than you going to them. Sometimes it's better to see them on"home ground" because you feel more comfortable, and because you can actually show them "this is where my carer sleeps" etc. They may also have called you in just because they're doing a general trawl of DLA or ESA claimants (yes, they do do this, despite what the DWP claim. Us "disableds" are thought to be easy targets for sanctions etc).
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  20. KnarkyBadger

    KnarkyBadger New Member

    They sleep on my sofa/sofabed in front room at mo, Its a one bedroom place. It'll look dodgy I suspect. I pay all the bills, having had the flat for 7yrs - bar food cost which we share.
  21. KnarkyBadger

    KnarkyBadger New Member

    Had the interview on the 19th, someone at the council had made two allegations against me - One I was working F/T and claiming and a second that I was a F/T student with a maintenance loan and claiming! Both apparently from same person, due to wording and writing, one on 4th March second the 17th. I suspect its my problematic housing officer. I was in there for 20 mins both were dismissed as rubbish - supported by medical evidence and bank statements. I am a p/t student at the open uni so no maintenance loan is even on offer just tuition fees. I was cleared but warned this eejit might try again. Now planning a counter strike...
  22. Farnboroughandy

    Farnboroughandy New Member

    My Wife has just had a second letter asking her to attend an interview. The 1st one was last October. As I'm her full time carer & act on her behalf I enquired what it was all about. I was told that they had received a phone call saying that she was claiming benefits she was not entitled to. I explained my Wife's condition(mental & physical issues). They then asked me if I knew of a reason that anybody would contact them. When I explained that my youngest Son had been bullied at School & the Mum of the bully had been requested to see the Head Teacher. The DWP Officer said from this & info that she had the case was dropped.
    This morning she has received another letter asking her to attend an interview. On speaking to the dwp again. It appears somebody has rang in saying my Wife is working. Firstly she has not worked for over 10 years(claiming IB, now EAS/SG & DLA) & secondly she is currently recovering from a total Hysterectomy & due to complications including an infection has been in Bed for the past 5 weeks!!. The lady at the dwp said she would pass the info to the compliance officer, but said due to the facts I given no further action would probably be taken. They have though pencilled in a home visit for July after my Wife has seen her Consultant. This was due to the fact that the compliance officer is only in the office once a week. We await his reply. As you can imagine she is very upset & in conjunction with her mental health & menopause(brought on by the hysterectomy) is in a right state.
  23. Steve Morgans

    Steve Morgans Member

    Hi my name is Steve

    I had a interview today with the Compliance interview ,thinking it be o.k, but they told me i had been reported for making money from my YouTube channel which i do not have set for receiving monetized on any of my 700+ videos.

    I have had many issues from people on YouTube either Stalking me or even causing me negative issues, it seems like someone is out to ruin my life.

    I sat in the interview giving 3 months bank statements, a copy of my old Passport, Copies of Utility Bills, as prove who i was, Details of other income, IE, Child Tax & Child Benefits,ect.

    The interviewer said if you're making money on YouTube you still need to declare it, i told them that i don't make money on youtube as it can take a year and a million hits to even make £5-£10, which i don't get, im lucky to have 500+ hits on my videos,and ifi they gave me access to a computer i would prove it.

    So if you have youtube account as long you not making money on youre videos i think you will be ok. But check first.

    My investigation is still being reviewed at this time, i will be seeking legal help if i can as when i asked who was the person who told them these lies the interviewer wont not tell me who posted in the information.

    I will seek legal advice as i think this person is slandering my name and giving false information about me.

    If anyone can give me any advise on how i can find out the person who posted these lies about me please let me know.

    I hope this also helps other people who runs youTube accounts.

  24. Rich15

    Rich15 New Member

    I've got a visit from a Complence Officer on Wednesday. Received a letter and asked what it was about, was told it was about by disability. I suffer with Left Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy.

    It seems someone has made 5 complaints about me anonymously. Interestingly I think I know who it is, an ex girlfriend who has been harassing me for the last year, so much so that she had received solicitors letters and two official police harassment warnings and also a warning not to contact some my friends.

    I am also currently attending a pain clinic and physio for my problems and seeing a consultant, so I've got a lot of paperwork and evidence to show the DWP.

    It's still worrying though that someone would do this, so hopefully things will go ok.
  25. andysays

    andysays Defiantly non-premium member

    Hi Steve Morgans and Rich15

    Sorry to hear you're both going through this. It does seem that many of these Customer Compliance interviews are as a result of malicious "tip-offs" - many of those on this thread (including mine) are in this catagory.

    Personally, I wouldn't spend too much time or energy trying to work out/find out who is doing it. If you already have a good idea though, it might be worth mentioning that such and such a person has a history of doing this.

    Good luck to you both with sorting it out/getting through it.
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  26. Rich15

    Rich15 New Member

    Thanks for the advice. In my case I have a box file full of threatening letters, emails and transcripts of phone conversations from my ex girlfriend. Also my ESA adviser knows all this from my meetings with her at the Job Centre, so hopefully this will add weight to it all being malicious.

    I'm intending to show it all to the officer when he comes next Wednesday.
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  27. westcoast1

    westcoast1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah the majority of the tip offs come from family and friends after a falling out. People never fail to surprise me with their backstabbing cuntery.
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  28. andysays

    andysays Defiantly non-premium member

    I would guess that you'll still have to disprove the allegations, but it sounds like you've got all the evidence you need to do that :)
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  29. toggle

    toggle wobbly

    Let them tell you what the allegations are first. before you start to prove anything to them beyond the basic ID and financial paperwork they will have requested you have available. let them lead the discussion in terms of giving answers to direct questions. confirm what they are asking for if questions are vague, and don't give rambling answers. even though your claims are entirely legitimate, don't talk yourself into a problem by giving them more information than they are directly asking for. because it's easy to explain something in a couple of slightly different ways that someone being an officious jobsworth could interpret as contradictory. let them tell you exactly what you are accused of doing wrong. false claim, savings, working, living with someone etc. before you start trying to defend against what you think it might be.

    that they have let it get to 5 complaints before taking any action is however a good sign that these aren't being taken particularly seriously. they are supposed to investigate all allegations individually, even if there is a record of a string of false allegations (i think there's mention of similar crap from an ex partner up-thread). So be aware that you may have to go through this again and again before your ex gets bored with being an arsehole. Asking the adviser to confirm there is a note in your file that they have seen the evidence of this situation may help to ensure that any further investigation is nothing more than a box ticking exercise, but won't guarantee that any particular individual investigating you won't decide to be thorough.

    if you'e worried at all, then see if there is someone who can be with you for the interview. but from what you've said it really does sound a lot like your ex stirring shit and that you have all your bases covered.
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  30. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    We have a mate with learning difficulties, amongst other problems. As he is addicted to railways he was advised to contact us for some volunteering (not work experience) and whilst he visits at sporadic intervals he is always welcome. His visits help him more than us, but there you go! Anyway, he came in to say that he had had one of these letters ... we rang the local "investigations team" and the matter was dropped pdq. The "complainant" is a right curtain-twitcher and well-known as a trouble-maker, but "they are supposed to investigate" each and every complaint/attempt at grassing. Luckily for our mate, the local team is sympathetic and his file is noted. We had another call from the team just recently to say that the "curtain-twitcher" was "reporting our mate again" the reply was - as far as we are concerned, nothing has changed, our mate still visits ... so no action. What a colossal waste of everyone's time. It is a pity that "malicious complaints" to DWP/dole etc can't be treated in a similar way to "wasting police time" ...
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