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Discussion in 'benefits and housing' started by andysays, Mar 20, 2014.

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    This is the one that I have always used. SARs to the DWP are free of charge btw. You can also ask for info' held by a DWP partner organisation. This is also free if you make your request via DWP.

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    I have been self employed for 20 years . In jan 2013 i was diagnosed with rectal cancer. I needed a rectal removal and a stoma for life . Chemotherapy and radiothrrapy followed and my chances looked grim. Mcmillian nurses were really good and applied for esa for me and whilst in hospital i signed the forms . I started recieving esa contribution based on support group and started the long road for survival . In jan 2014 i filed my tax return as normal showing the income recieved from apr 12 to dec 13 for the money i had made before diagnosis £7000 . I continued on with recovery still very incapacitated . I sold my van and my son who was at university sold my stock online as it was devaluing . The following year i filed another self assessment as i was not aware that the esa was anything to do with the tax return . This was £9000 . My son did a really great job and i was feeling bettercand started to look towards starting working i spoke to esa dwp about their form as the first question was have got cancer . I was still under the consultant and have scans etc the lady said tick yes and sign the form and send it back . My son continued to caretake the business and we started to plan . Unfortunately i had a scan in march 2014 and the cancer had spread to my right lung . I would need some lung removed etc . Not looking good at all at this point . My son worked tirelessly whilst studying to keep things going . I did not take any money out of the business account and my son paid the bills , staff and himself . I did the books with him in jan 2015 and a profit was made £11k i filed a tax return again . My son continued the caretake but the following year thr assessment in jan 2017 for 15/16 was £500 as he was full time and taking full wages . An accountant friend suggested i take the business limited in april 2016 to protect it has the previous year a ex friend sold part of the business off my son whilst being paid to run it with him .the limited company as been paying my son only and not me . I spoke to dwp in dec 2016 to duscuss permitted work the guy said since i was on contribution based with support group it was fine . I started working 15 hrs a week for no money to trial how i would do . Then the compliance letter came and on soeaking to them on the phone they mentioned the rax returns . I was honest and was not aware it was relavent as i never filed in the forms . I also never had an assessment . I spoke to my hospital team and they never thought i would make it . Hence support group . I have sent copies of tax returns and the ltd company details to the esa officer in feb and heard nothing . Having read up for the first time about the rules i see that i should not have claimed esa on some of the years . I have heard nothing since and am very worried about prosecuetion and prison . I am more than willing to pay the money back but cant live with the idea of prison after all the illness . I also have had a tumour on my parathyroid removed last year and need treatment for nontestosterone . I am having couselling to cope with the aftermath of the cancer . My question is how long before i should here ? Whats the chances of a court case ? And lastly whats the chances of prison time ? Thankyou in advance .
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    Stewbart, you need professional advice. Unless you can visit a citizens advice bureau, I definitely recommend taking a look at Welfare Central Forum - Index to see what advice they can offer there.
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    You might have an overpayment which the DWP will expect you to pay back if that's the case. The likelihood of you being prosecuted or going to prison is extremely slim.
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    Edit: ESA is non taxable, unlike JSA.
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    Contribution based ESA is taxable, income based ESA isn't.
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    Update :- had letter from dwp overpayment of 12399 and a civil penalty £50 . Paid it back now . Asked if i can still get prosecueted . Lady said nothibg on system . Question is :- can they still proseceute after the civil penalty beingbissued or is that it done oncevall paid back ? .

    Thankyou guys great forum
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    I can't answer your question Stew but it is a great forum, have a look around and stick around. :)
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    Once you have agreed to pay the civil penalty, you are no longer liable for prosecution. You cannot be prosecuted unless further evidence of 'fraud' is obtained, for anything the DWP were aware of at the time of the penalty, you will not be prosecuted, as the penalty is an alternative to prosecution.
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    Hi im new,been googling for days,and found this site,here is my story I need some advice.
    I suffer mental health problems am on esa contribution support group.
    2 weeks ago I received a request to attend a compliance interview,because of my health they agreed to a tel interview,the woman rang on the day asked some basic questions about what benefits im on etc.then she said the reason we need to talk to you is someone has contacted the fraudline and said you have a partner living with you,they named the partner.I basically panicked and said I had never heard of this man.the man is living with me I hold my hands up to this,im not going to pretend to you hes not,when I met this man wehad a 2 yr relationship via an online chat room we fell in love and he came to visit me we started a relationship,he moved in with me I wasent sure he was going to stay things were iffy for the first few months so I dident tell dwp or council about him,I really meant to but as the weeks past I realised it had been 6 months and I was terrified I would be sent to prison,so I found myself in a catch 22 situation,I went through a very bad time and self harmed the months turned into years and now this,I know what I have done is wrong and I am prepared to hold my hands up and pay the money back weekly I know I will prob end up with a prison sentence,scince the call ive been distraught the woman said it would be forwarded to their fraud dept ive not slept having constant anxiety attacks and if it werent for my mom and partner I would end my life for sure.I know you will all hate me bit I never intended this to happen.if anyone is in the same situation I beg you do something about it do not destroy your life like me.ive no hope for the future I guess this is my punishment for what I I have done.
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    you've done nothing wrong and have nothing to be ashamed of. The people doing wrong are ones who set in place procedures like this where your second thought after becoming intimate with a partner is 'oh fuck better notify the DWP about my sex life'. Thats mad, its the sort of thing that would be held up as the grossest dictatorial practise by our press, if it was happening in a country 'we' don't like.

    All the best with it and remember you've nothing to feel wrong for. I know how they make you feel guilty and the constant 'scroungers' press narrative reinforces that. Anyway, I hope all goes well for you. I can only advise you try CAB or a local benefits advice charity should you have one. Someone more helpful than me will be along shortly
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    Desperate Don't worry, it is highly unlikely that you will be prosecuted, and even less likely that you will end up in prison particularly if it is your first overpayment. I agree with DotCommunist, you have done nothing to be ashamed of, this government have made it almost impossible for people with debilitating conditions to survive on benefits alone. The temptation not to notify the DWP of changes in circumstances when it results in a drop in income is understandably irresistible at times.
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    Hello, I have been asked to go for a compliance interview and suspect my ex has been trying to cause trouble. I was in an abusive relationship for several years and my ex controlled all of my finances. It recently came to the point where I thought he was going to kill me and I got the police to arrest him and remove him from my flat. He was living there against my wishes and refused to leave and threatened to kill himself and other people every time I tried to get him to leave. I have a chronic health condition and the thought of this interview is making me suicidal. I seriously consider it every day. I don't know what he's told them but I've been at women's aid and explained everything. But how do I prove I never had control of my own finances for several years? Women's aid are saying if needed they'll write dwp a letter. I am just sick with worry now and have chest pains on a regular basis. I just want to die. I feel so scared they're going to blame me for not having control of my bank. I thought my ex was going to kill me. I still think he will find me and do so. Please, any advice, as I am petrified of what they're going to do to me?
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    Have you had your interview? How did it go? What did they say?
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    I eventualy got all the statements and sent them i also included a letter stating i wanted them returned this was aafter they gave me an extra week to get the statements.I heard nothing untill a few days ago and have another interview next week.to date i have still been receiving my benefits but they havent returned my statements.They also hevent replied to 2 letters i sent them.They now want me to bring my recent bank statements but that is the same as the first interview and we know what happened then.
    I am not happy about there not responding to letters and there not returning bank statements.I would like to know if i can refuse to allow them to copy bank statements that i will take next week and only allow them to make any notes they want to from the statements.I dont like the idea that someday my bank statements may end up on a coucil tip for anyone that may find them.Yes it was hundreads of pages and took many phone calls to obtain them.
    The stetements fron one bank came in 3 packages due to restrictions they haave on postage.The last 2 packages arived 3 days b4 the deadline for them to receive them. I was discharged from hospital the day b4 they arrived so wasnt possible to copy any of them.Ihanded them in straight away.So can anyone please advise me if i can insist they only make notes from my bank statements. Should they ask any questions regarding any transactions in any of the statements they have i shall reply that i cannot answer any questions regarding any transactions without being able to cross check bank stetements from the relevent time.
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    Really need some help, please. Today had my very first DWP Customer Compliance Interview, I was not expecting any problems. To cut a long story short. Up to Jan 2017 I was working full time, and claiming no benefits. However due to my ongoing illness and disability, I requested to cut my hours to simply 12 hours per week. At this time I applied for ESA as under "Permitted Work". As long as not working more than 16 hours or earning more than £120/week (can't remember the exact amount). I was not aware what "group" they put me in. I had and assessment a few months later, and thought I felt it went well, they decided I could not claim ESA. I requested a mandatory reconsideration and that did not work. Therefore I have requested an appeal. After many months I still have not had my appeal. This is where it gets me worried. When I applied ESA I did not disclose 2 bank accounts which I have had for 2-3 years, total money maybe £6K-£7K. I was aware or a limit of £16K, but now know its £6K. Whilst they would not disclose in the interview I had, the reason I was called in was to do with not disclosing these accounts. The strange thing is that whilst they would not tell me the amounts exactly, I was shocked to be told that they had in excess of £30K in each!!!! Wow, this is new to me. I said I wish I had that amount. They requested copies of bank statements going back to April 2015, I have got them and they do not show the amount of money they claim. I don't have an issue with providing these as they show they are wrong, but I am worried because, yes over last 2 years I have suffered from my disability, I have also suffered from depression and stress, moved home 3 times, and went through a separation to my wife of 12 years. Any advise would be grateful, I do intend to see CAB asap. How much trouble will I get in as not disclosing these accounts. I also started claiming HB and CTB at this time also.
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    Can someone help me please, my friend had a compliance Telephone interview on the 27th March 2018
    She can’t read and write very well she had PTSD OCD Anxiety depression and suffered a nervous breakdown she hardly sleeps and finds it hard to remember stuff she hates her life and doesn’t want to be here anymore, ok so the compliance officer said they had a phone call to say she has been living with someone for 7 years and still is, they gave her the name of a painter and decorator she knows and had a friendship with he was around her house a lot decorating doing the garden for her they got on she was a little bit better when she had him as her friend, he wanted a relationship with her and she didn’t want one because she had suffered from terrible abuse from her ex-husband who is now in prison for murder, but he told his ex wife about my friend and l think she might have been the one that said they were a couple, she was reported 3 years ago as well and a men came and a form was filled out with her nurse there and he said he wouldn’t take it any further because he could see how I’ll she was, but now this phone interview, she got asked all the normal questions but this time nothing was said about them closeing the case,
    He didn’t question her under caution,
    He just said if you don’t anything it’s all ok, well that’s not good enough oh and he was also told that there is nothing wrong with my friend, can someone please help? From a very worried friend
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    Up DATE....
    Ok a update I’ve just phoned the compliance officer and he said the case is closed so why couldn’t he tell her that at the end of the interview? Why has she been worrying all this time? It’s really really unfair.
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