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Discussion in 'Dulwich Hamlet FC' started by shatty82, Jul 13, 2018.

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    I'm not able to play anymore, not that I was ever any good in the first place.

    But I'd like to be kept informed of all 11-a-side games, as well as as any tournaments entered or tours arranged.

    Unfortunately I do not have an iphone or an android, whatever they are. They just get called 'computer phones' by me.

    Just to clarify, regarding matches, as in Sunday 7th: is this a kickabout between each other, or a game against other supporters or a club?

    I would politely suggest you still plug games on here, when they are not just internal ones, as this keeps others informed, like me who are not 'modern technologistss', as well as spreading the word about the team to others, who aren't in the group, and might be interested...

    Hope this is all taken positively! ;)
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  2. Paddyo

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    Hi all,
    Our 3rd game of the season will be at home against Hampton and Richmond Supporters. Playing spaces are full but if want to add your name to the reserve list, join the spond group on the previous page.

    Subs – Starting 11 - £5, substitutes - £3
    Players should arrive at 9.45

    This will be the last time we have an already full squad – This match was arranged before the new system.

    This game was booked before the actual game was postponed/moved to Dartford. We'll try not to book homes games on away days again either.
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