Dulwich Hamlet v Harrow Borough, Tue 14 Nov, 7.45pm - HELP THE HAMLET

Discussion in 'Dulwich Hamlet FC' started by darryl, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. darryl

    darryl this wasn't supposed to happen

    So, I'm in. Tell your your friends, and tell them to tell their friends.
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  2. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

  3. Scrooge

    Scrooge Well-Known Member

    In response to a few questions about where is “best” to spend money at Champion Hill, here is my understanding of the current situation. For avoidance of doubt, “the club” means the football committee who are now paying the bills, i.e. the good guys!!

    - Gate Receipts: go to the club, after deduction of matchday costs, eg stewards, turnstile operators, security etc.

    - Bar takings: “profit” goes to the club, however we have not seen Meadow’s calculations of costs so are unsure how much this will amount to.

    - Programme sales: all profit goes to the club. These are relatively cheap to print so a good earner for the club. Please buy one! We’ve printed loads for tonight.

    - Food outlets: food stalls pay a fixed fee to Meadow and it’s unlikely any of this will come to the club. Sales/profits at the game are kept by the stall owner so it doesn’t make a difference what you spend here.

    - 12th Man: 100% of all money raised goes to the club to help pay the playing budget. There are zero costs on all 12th Man activity so every penny helps. This includes things like the card wallets and any magazines/books for sale, as all have been donated to us.

    - DHST club shop / “mega container”: Profit share between DHST and the club. The DHST part of the profits will go towards the Trust’s aim of a stable future and fan ownership for the club.

    - Paypal donations to 12th Man: if you select “friends and family” payment this is fee free and 100% goes to the club.

    - JustGiving donations: all go to the club after the 5% JustGiving fee which is a necessary evil, given the positive PR and awareness generated by this page.

    Hope that helps!
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  4. Matt The Cab

    Matt The Cab Live it like you love it

    ↑ Excellent work, but can you do my....
    1. Christmas List
    2. Christmas Food List
    3. New Years Resolution
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  5. PartisanDulwich

    PartisanDulwich Well-Known Member

    so what I' am hearing ? is NO fan boycott of the bars at Champion Hill - but be aware the "good guys" will only get a small amount of money from your purchase at the bar?
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  6. Scolly

    Scolly Well-Known Member

    It's really down to the indivual. I won't question anyone who wants to buy a drink.

    Let's not forget it also the funds wages of the bar staff, many of whom have worked there for some time and do travel to games on occasion. Hate to think people loose jobs due to lack of trade because of people championing for a boycott of the bar.
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  7. Matt The Cab

    Matt The Cab Live it like you love it

    Don't see that we need organise a boycott or talk about it... everybody should be free to do what they want

    If anyone has any questions just channel any additional funds/loose change the way of the 12th man fund.

    IMO it couldn't be more clearer
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  8. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    Personally I'm not going to use the bars at all now. I haven't often done so for a while anyway. I have a reasonable amount of disposable income in the medium term (more than has often been the case in the recent past), so I can afford to attend matches and have a few pints, but I'd rather not have a drink and chuck the money I'd have spent on beer into the 12th man fund under present circumstances. I'm not sure I could swallow a 'Meadow' pint right now without choking on it.

    Going off at a bit of a tangent, who is now liable for ensuring the players are paid? Is it "the club"? Is it Nick McCormack as majority shareholder? Most of the players are under contract for the rest of the season. What happens if their contracts are broken by non-payment? As we all know, the playing budget was sanctioned by Meadow, all those player contracts were signed in good faith on their watch. Presumably there's some kind of legal loophole by which Meadow themselves are no longer liable? They may strictly speaking have no legal obligation to ensure the wage bill gets paid, but they've certainly have a moral obligation, which they've completely abandoned as part of their strop with Southwark Council not giving them what they want.
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  9. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

  10. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    Sorry if it sounds harsh, but I'm more concerned about the players not getting paid right now. It's within Meadow's power to ensure that everyone can carry on as normal. This is just another part of the Meadow blame game. It's Southwark Council's fault they've had to cut the funding of our team, and then it'll be our supporters' fault if they have to lay off barstaff because no one uses the bar. I don't like words like "boycott". Personally I won't be using the bar for the foreseeable future, but I wouldn't ask anyone else to do likewise, it's down to personal preference.
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  11. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    Given the immense queues that form in the bar, I reckon if 50% of the fans stopped using the bar, there would still be plenty of work for the staff to do and a decent turnover still coming in. Besides, if the club goes under because the players cant get paid, they'd all lose their jobs anyway.
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  12. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    This seems a bit of an unusual request to the public. Is there something shifty going on at the turnstiles?

  13. Lucy Fur

    Lucy Fur Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing that if you get given a concession ticket when you've paid full price, then the records will show lower takings at the turnstyle. Obviously not saying this is happening, but wouldn't want it to happen by mistake...:hmm:
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  14. darryl

    darryl this wasn't supposed to happen

    Probably also a prudent thing to do considering at least one turnstile operator was demanding "donations" from season ticket holders on pay-what-you-want day.
  15. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    I've never quite understood why we suddenly needed expensive security staff.
  16. Dulwich Mishi

    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    Because of the size of our crowds....not saying we need the ones we have, or commenting on their jobs, but I do think we need some proper fully qualified security staff. Would just help if we had them all knowing what they were doing...
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  17. Lucy Fur

    Lucy Fur Well-Known Member

    If memory serves, somebody at Hadleys mate had just started a security company and needed the contract...allegedly....:hmm:
  18. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    Some, perhaps. But all?
  19. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    Sounds like one of the turnstile staff has been operating a scam and pocketing cash?

    There must be around 20 paid staff on duty performing various tasks, some of which were done by supporters and club officials until not so long ago.

    I can't help feeling Meadow are deliberately wasting money to make the club fail.
  20. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

  21. Lucy Fur

    Lucy Fur Well-Known Member

    When the stewarding first came in and the sacking of volunteers was being discussed, DHFC Steward posted this:
    "The company overtaking duties
    a) Has no ground stewarding experience-they are SIA Retail Security on the whole, the company is only around 12 months so, as security firms are concerned, still getting off the ground.
    b) The "owner" is a long time friend and former colleague of Chris."
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  22. YTC

    YTC Human Man

    Nothing to do with Hadley (as they had gone) or Meadow per se, think they were/are Chris's mates from when we was the Manager at Ministry of Sound.

    We put it out as we need to be 100% clear of what we're bringing in. It's just being cautious. Need to be extra careful!
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  23. blueheaven

    blueheaven Well-Known Member

    Very importantly... any word on what food stalls will be there tonight?
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  24. Roger D

    Roger D Well-Known Member

    Players are usually entitled to a free transfer if a club defaults on wage payments. It can vary depending upon contractual terms but in English professional football I seem to recall the player has to give 14 days notice. If the club pays up in that time the contract remains valid, if not the player is entitled to leave on a free transfer at the end of their notice period.
  25. clog

    clog she seems to like to nitpick and moan a lot

    I was just going to ask the same thing!
  26. sleaterkinney

    sleaterkinney Well-Known Member

    Queuing out in the car park. On a Tuesday.
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  27. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    0-0 so far. Fantastic turn out for Hamlet.
  28. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    2-0 win, as I,m sure most already know.. Second half goals from Carew pen & Weatherstone header. Attendance 1,199
  29. PartisanDulwich

    PartisanDulwich Well-Known Member

    stunning turnout 1,199 and great fund-raising on all fronts
    A lot of people gave up a lot of time to make that a success (big thanks to them and to everyone who dragged along friends and loved ones)
    on the pitch, vital we won and we did (even if not one of our best performances)
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
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  30. Fingers

    Fingers From Tuscany SE22

    We need two qualified people I reckon whether we hire them or have our own. The rest should be made up of our own like it used to be.
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