Dulwich Hamlet v Brightlingsea Regent Sat 9th December 3pm (Foodbank day)

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    Their goal came out of nowhere. They didn't look capable of scoring until then.

    The two bookings were really stupid and could easily have left us a man short if either player had subsequently mistimed a challenge on an opponent breaking away. Abrahams booked for knocking the ball out of the hands of an opponent trying to take a throw, and Ferguson kicking the ball away after he was penalised for an obvious foul. Both petty infringements, yet left the referee (who I thought handled the game well and was never over-officious) had little option but to book either without making himself look weak.

    Beaney would be one of the first names on my teamsheet. I like him & Kargbo as the half back pair; I'm not quite sure how we ended up with both on the bench for last week's defeat. Carew's been in decent form of late, but I think I'd have him at number 10 ahead of Ferguson on recent form rather than in place of Beaney (or Kargbo) in the deeper role. I also feel Ming was a bit unlucky to find himself on the bench yesterday. Boakye-Yiadom worked hard again but doesn't quite have the range of skills to unpick a blanket defence as, for instance, Tomlin does. Obviously we can't do anything about Tomlin's long-term absence, but for next week I think I'd like to see Ming return as right wing-back with Clunis partnering Allassani up front, in the position where he was scoring regularly before his recent injury lay-off.

    First half yesterday was the usual game of chess against visitors defending in depth and not committing enough numbers forward to really put us under pressure. Their keeper was blatantly timewasting more or less right from the start. The breakthrough came in the half hour when a defender put his arm up and handled at a corner and Carew converted the penalty kick with his usual confidence, slamming the ball high into the net beyond the keeper's reach. The lead was doubled five minutes later thanks to a brilliant solo effort from Allassani, who collected the ball well outside the box, twisted and turned away from his markers, then ran at goal and beat the keeper with a fine shot from the edge of the box. It looked like that would probably be enough, but in the 45th minute their right back collected the ball out wide, cut inside, and unleashed a left-footed drive from long-range that went in off the far post.

    The second half was a completely different game, Regent made two substitutions, got enough men forward to cause real problems whenever they attacked, and created a string of clear scoring chances several of which fully tested Edwards in goal. Of course there was always the strong possibility of Hamlet snatching another one on the break as the action often switched rapidly from one end to the other. In the end it was quite remarkable that there were no further goals.

    Team (3-4-1-2): Edwards - Weatherstone(c), Hayles, Taylor - Clunis, Carew, Kargbo, Abrahams - Ferguson - Boakye-Yiadom, Allassani. Subs: Beaney (for Kargbo), Ming (for Abrahams), Koroma (for Boakye-Yiadom), Acheampong, Faal (not used). Att. 1,828
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    I think a central midfield three - I know it’s a 2-1 set up rather than a flat 3, but I still think of the 4,8,10 as being a unit of 3 in this system - is asking too much of Kargbo if the other two are Ash and Fergusson. I can see why we want both of those two in the team, but the second half shows it can leave us vulnerable. Surprised when the change came it was Beaney for Kargbo. For me, it’d be Kargbo, Beaney and one of Ash/Fergusson. Probably Ash. Ferguson will presumably go into the front two anyway once Reise signs for Barca.
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    I liked Peter John's "ich bin ein Berliner" speech
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