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Dulwich Hamlet v Billericay Town (Saturday 16th Nov 3pm)


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Yeah, you're very right. There is nothing to be concerned about, anyone who expresses a little bit of concern is just an enemy of the state. Will wear piss stained jogging bottoms next Sat to prove how much I mean that.
To look like me?


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Bit surprised by the reaction from some on this thread - we weren't great but I actually thought that was one of our better performanes of late and we were really worth at least a draw. I think Clunis and Ijaha coming back in made a difference (although Ijaha's use of the ball is really appalling at times), and Ainsworth looked really exciting when he came on - I saw him play quite a few times for Motherwell and if he can play for us like he did for them he'll make a big difference.

That all said, though, I think Taylor and Connors should be playing (with Taylor preferably in midfield), and for me our central midfield is really lacking in vision and energy at the moment. We're a division higher now but I felt we were better with Carew, Beaney and Kargbo in the middle of the park than we have been with anyone else since. The way we pass the ball is incredibly ponderous at times - we're great at pressing and holding possession but there's no sharpness or killer instinct (which makes me wonder what difference the new full-time training regime is actually making). Perhaps Ainsworth will make a difference to that though - he certainly added some much needed energy.

Where was Yussuf? Injured?

Have to say the ground really struggles to cope with crowds of this size and as much as I know it's great for the club (and I really hope a good portion of this income is being kept aside for the inevitable fall-out when the new stadium doesn't happen), being in that crowd isn't the most enjoyable of experiences. Yesterday I was in the stand and the number of people congregating along the back wall, gathering around the wheelchair area, sitting on steps and blocking the exitways (not to mention the view) made it feel borderline unsafe. I know announcements are occasionally made about clearing these areas but perhaps some of the stewards who are frisking people and searching bags could be diverted to keeping an eye on that situation instead?
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That was pretty disappointing really. Now that the cup run is over, we really need to sort out our appalling league form and I was convinced that we would get a result against a Billericay side in disarray off the pitch. We looked fairly threatening at times, but really struggled to create chances. Once the goal went in I was resigned to losing as I just couldn't see us scoring. Danny Mills has been one of the only real positives this season, but I think he has looked increasingly ineffective over the last few matches.

There also seems to be an element of 'throwing shit at the wall' with our team selections. We have a handful of wingers who, on their day, look good at this level, but for various reasons none of them have been able to put together a decent run of games this season. Chapman looked like our best player against Carlisle, but has struggled to get in the team and hasn't looked great at all when he has played in the league. I thought he was going to be a big player for us after watching him in pre-season against Colchester but this has not panned out. I can only echo what others have said about Taylor and Connors too, both have done well this season and it's pretty baffling that they have been unceremoniously dropped for two players who have not made much of an impact since coming into the side.

We clearly have a decent squad for this level, and having a centre forward who can score goals is a massive plus. We desperately need to get our best players on the pitch though, and decide on a system. It all looked very shapeless and disjointed out there yesterday. I'm not convinced that Vose should be starting either - he is clearly talented but seems to stroll through games and rarely looks decisive.


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The people behind the goal cheerfully heckling the goalkeeper, Alan. So bloody tedious. Why expend such energy which would be much more effectively directed at Dom Vose?
Or giving better vocal support, Billericay never stopped singing yesterday.


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Think I misinterpreted the original post as meaning how about we focus on getting behind our team. Vose has become a convenient scapegoat at this stage. Anyone who thinks our poor form is down to one player is being silly. I saw nothing to suggest that any of our players are realising their potential yesterday.
Yes, was tongue in cheek.

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The main problem with this team is that the strikers/wingers can't put the ball in the net ,should have won by a couple yesterday if we were more ruthless, even against welling should have won with a scrappy 1-0 ,that's why I can't wrong gavin for wanting to refresh the striking options

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The main problem with this team is that the strikers/wingers can't put the ball in the net ,should have won by a couple yesterday if we were more ruthless, even against welling should have won with a scrappy 1-0 ,that's why I can't wrong gavin for wanting to refresh the striking options
But Gavin's the one that signed and contracted those wingers and strikers. Dipo scored 18 goals last season despite barely being in the side, Mills is a proven striker at this level and arguably the one above, Yussuff averaged a goal every other game at Folkestone, Nyren's been around long to chip in with goals every now and then. Why are these players either not playing or not scoring? They haven't become ineffective overnight. And if they simply aren't up to scratch or don't fit our system, then why did we get them in the first place?


It was a strange game really. I thought we defended really strongly, put a lot of work in and dominated the game for long periods but there is clearly something wrong when we can't get the ball in the fucking net when were against a Billericay team that has been busy jettisoning its best players recently.


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All I see it headless chickens.

90% of balls into box the fail to reach a striker and the other 10% which do are wasted through lack of composure.