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Dulwich Hamlet v Billericay Town (Saturday 16th Nov 3pm)


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Sam Deering and Moses Emmanuel have left Billericay today, following Jordan Parkes who left recently. They've signed a few kids on loan and Josh Urquhart, who seems to sign for them every three months.

Son of Roy

Gone to Romford? At the rate Sam Deering is going down the divisions he'll be wanting to play for the DHFC supporters team soon!

Bugpowder Dust

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Watched a few DHFCTV highlights back last night and was struck by how awful the weather has been recently, can't recall such a wave of matches being played in driving rain.

Let's hope the dry morning continues and we get decent conditions for the game today. Its probably doing to be slippy, but I'm assuming the youth FA cup match was postponed partly to ensure the game went ahead today on a reasonable playing surface.


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There is something seriously wrong in the team. That was appalling.
There was a total disconnect between defence, midfield and attack.


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A lot of positives but a loss is a loss.

Four at the back and wingers was effective and the width was definitely there, created loads of chances, hit the post twice, controlled the game and got key players involved but...

totally agree there is something wrong. We are not scoring. There are no goals in that team. Are biggest threat is Christian Smith scoring scrappy goals from corners. I feel like a lot of the attackers and midfielders do not think goals are there responsibility.

Billericay were there for the taking. Also, fuck their number 3...


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It's all well and good bringing in new signings every couple of matches, but the team has to gel and doing this doesn't help that to happen.