Dulwich Hamlet Transfers - Summer 2018/Spring 2019

Discussion in 'Dulwich Hamlet FC' started by Moroccan Sunset, May 11, 2018.

  1. YTC

    YTC Human Man

    ....could be...
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  2. crocustim

    crocustim Well-Known Member

    This is truly great news, the return of one of my favourite chants. :)
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  3. YTC

    YTC Human Man

    Number 3!

    all 3 eligible to play at Torquay.
  4. StephenMac

    StephenMac Well-Known Member

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  5. EDC

    EDC A Slightly Less Invisible Cyber Fan These Days

    I don't like him then, it ruined my whole post-season.
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  6. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    Are there any restrictions on the number of loan signings that can be used at any given time? We now have 5: Essuman, Sheriff, Pryce, Wanadio, Mascoll.
  7. sleaterkinney

    sleaterkinney Well-Known Member

    Should strengthen up our right wing.
  8. pettyboy

    pettyboy Well-Known Member

    Aryan is the second player from the Barawa football team to join this season, after Kingsley Eshun.

    Barawa football team - Wikipedia
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  9. baleboy_93

    baleboy_93 Well-Known Member

    Five is the maximum allowed in a matchday squad in the National League
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  10. SDE

    SDE Well-Known Member

    Always loved the Wanadio song.
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  11. RabbleLevi

    RabbleLevi Well-Known Member

    Three midfielders in, two defenders out (Toure & Mvilla). Mvilla wasn’t great on Saturday, playing like someone who knew he was on his way out. That being said he is a natural LB and his inclusion in the team allows Green to play higher up and has made us a more competitive side in the last few games. I hope one of our three new signings can play LB because Green is scoring goals and wants to run with the ball every time he receives it, often running the opponents ragged. If Green gets moved back to LB I hope Luke Wanadio is as good on the left as he is supposed to be on the right...
  12. baleboy_93

    baleboy_93 Well-Known Member

    Mascoll is a left back, it’s a like for like swap
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  13. B.I.G

    B.I.G Well-Known Member

    If by as good you mean not as good as Nyren. On the right at least.
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  14. sankara

    sankara Well-Known Member

    His best game that I remember him playing for Dulwich was as a central attacking midfielder.
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  15. baleboy_93

    baleboy_93 Well-Known Member

    Think he may have originally been a winger, when he went to Grays he became a left back where he has also played for Charlton. When he came back from Grays he was understudy to Green, he played very well in his first game back at Bognor in Feb 17 at LB, nice to know he could potentially play a few roles!
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  16. pompeydunc

    pompeydunc Well-Known Member

    His best performance was at an away friendly at Whyteleafe... Swooped in and took a chocolate from a tray being passed around the Rabble with a perfectly timed challenge, just as Ben (ForwardHamlet) was about to consume it. A classy tackle...
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  17. Christian Burt

    Christian Burt Well-Known Member

    I thought Wanadio was a very exciting player for us. Flashed huge potential so no surprise he went Bromley/Aldershot.
  18. Nivag

    Nivag Well-Known Member

    Good news it's been extended.
  19. scousedom

    scousedom Well-Known Member

  20. Son of Roy

    Son of Roy Really?

    Can we have Decarrey next season too?
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  21. Al Cunningham

    Al Cunningham Brockley Hamlet

    I see Sol Pryce has now been loaned to Bath from Swindon
  22. YTC

    YTC Human Man

  23. Scolly

    Scolly Well-Known Member

    He was at Stevenage same time as Dipo for a whole 4 days!
  24. bkbk

    bkbk Well-Known Member

    Interesting pick up. Was very well regarded as a kid (played for England at U16/17) but got bombed out of Chelsea for disciplinary reasons and hasn't really settled anywhere. Left sided attacker.

    Is Green out for a while?
  25. Ben Caldecourt

    Ben Caldecourt Active Member

    Was the year above me at school, was really the next big thing. Trained with Chelsea first team quite a bit, but can't help but see how quickly his career has plummeted.

    I don't know anything about Green - he didn't play in the game against Palace in the week and signing Hunte until the end of the season who is an attacker who is left footed would suggest Green may be out a while. Hopefully he's got a positive contribution for the end of the season as we could still do with that little bit of magic every now and then.
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  26. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    He was limping heavily in the clubhouse last Saturday, but if it had been ligaments or anything else likely to take a while to mend I'd have expected him to be on crutches.
  27. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

  28. StephenMac

    StephenMac Well-Known Member

    Charlie Allen, well-travelled midfielder and son of Mad Dog, is incoming according to the NLP.
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  29. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    He was a regular goalscorer from midfield in the Margate moneybags team that beat us in the play-offs 4 seasons ago. Most recently played for Grays Athletic:

    Dulwich Hamlet bring in Charlie Allen
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  30. bkbk

    bkbk Well-Known Member

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