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Dulwich Hamlet"s birthday - probably not today

Roger D

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We may be celebrating a bit early.....

The meeting of old boys from Dulwich Hamlet school is reported in the South London Press on Saturday 18th February 1893 and is stated to have occurred on Friday.

Google suggests January 29th 1893 was a Sunday. Would the likes of Canon Daniell and the deeply religious Pa Wilson have attended a meeting to form a football club on a Sunday?

Also, that meeting founded the Old Boys Association, not a football club. That exact date is lost on the mists of time.

An early draft of Before the Hamlet stated January 29th as this is widely cited. However, I changed it to February on balance of probability. Hopefully I called it right.....

Edited to say I see it is the 28th (so that meeting would have been a Saturday, still an unlikely day for such a meeting.) Have to say in my head the usually cited date was the 29th but that may well be my memory playing up. If it was February I suspect the erroneous date comes from the 21st anniversary banquet. There's a dated photo of it in the boardroom and I'm sure that is dated to late January 1914. It's a few years since I was last in the boardroom so again, that's from memory.
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