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    The updated list of shareholders has now been published on the Companies House website which now reflects those shares reallocated after being relinquished by Nick McCormack. However it would appear that a number of shareholders were not contactable by the representative of the Club and as such have had their holding reduced to zero; presumably “Held in Trust” until such time as they come forward to claim them. A purely personal recommendation is that should your holding be so reduced get in contact with the club PDQ or you know one of those missing shareholders tell them to do the same.

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    Presumably this is a legal thing that must be done....it must have been a thankless task to try and update/sort out this list, when there hadn't been an AGM or attempts to contact shareholders for many, many years prior to the recent meeting of shareholders, due to the poor running of the company under various previous owners.
    I am sure nobody has been left off maliciously, or anything like that.
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