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Dulwich Hamlet kits 2019-2020

Dulwich Mishi

Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!
Thanks guys . I've seen plenty of other teams do pink and blue , but I don't think I've seen any so close to 'our' shades ...
What is ‘our shades’? The Pink & Blue shades we gave used in our kits down the years has varied so much, & in the olden days we don’t really know what the shades were because the photos were in Black & White. The nearest we got to the shade in the olden days would have been the Ernie Toser TOFFS shirt, based on the 1937 Amateur Cup Final original, currently in the ownership of Jack McInroy.

Roger D

Well-Known Member
The shades of pink and blue even seem to swop around in the older b&w photos, especially the pink.

When I rocked up thirty years ago "our shades" were a very washed out pink and royal blue. The navy blue had long gone. It was also around that time the then manager tried to get pink taken off the kit as it "made it harder to sign players." The venemous lizzard shade of pink that followed shortly afterwards was something else ....