Dulwich Hamlet in the National League South - what trips are you looking forward to?

Discussion in 'Dulwich Hamlet FC' started by editor, May 7, 2018.

  1. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    There's a whole load of new places and new grounds to explore next season.

    Exotic locations like Weston Super Mare and Truro are already looking enticing. What trips are you lot looking forward to?
  2. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    Oh and Bath and Chippenham might be nice too.
  3. bkbk

    bkbk Well-Known Member

    Torquay away will be mega
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  4. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    Unless it's a wet winter fixture... :D

    Actually, I'll love it anyway!
  5. Monkeygrinder's Organ

    Monkeygrinder's Organ Dodgy geezer swilling vapid lager

    Dartford definitely.;)

    How many teams are still tbc?
  6. JimW

    JimW 支那暗杀团

    Bath's ground is amazing, one of the best in non-league. Like Weston too though it's not spectacular.
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  7. gnar182

    gnar182 i am an okay person

    Bath! There’s a lot of beaut towns and cities in the league though.. away days a’plenty.
  8. JimW

    JimW 支那暗杀团

    Gloucester are still in exile in Evesham as far as i know, that'll be a fair trek for you.
  9. Voley

    Voley Ramoner

    I might come and see you at Truro. I didn't realise you'd been promoted to that league. Good side atm by all accounts, Truro. Got to the playoffs.
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  10. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    I'm seeing quite a few preserved steam railway lines near some of these clubs too. And, yes, I like that kind of thing.
  11. Roger D

    Roger D Well-Known Member

    Might see you there then Editor. I was on the Watercress Line yesterday.......

    Congratulations to all who have got the club not just to the finishing line but so successfully to the finishing line this season. I hope the summer is a bit less "interesting" for you all. Best wishes for the future to Mishi too. It's braver to make the right decision for you than to take the easy route and keep plodding on to please others. See you at a game before long mate.
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  12. Noss

    Noss Well-Known Member

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  13. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

  14. Moroccan Sunset

    Moroccan Sunset Well-Known Member

    I can't believe we're going to be playing Torquay next season! What a game that'll be!
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  15. Northants Dal

    Northants Dal Well-Known Member

  16. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    Two games!
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  17. StephenMac

    StephenMac Well-Known Member

    We're going to meet our share of knobheads next season. Yeah, i'm starting to sober up, what about it?
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  18. E16_DHFC

    E16_DHFC Member

    I won’t sober up until Truro away
  19. Noss

    Noss Well-Known Member

    In all of the excitement from yesterday I missed the fact that Slough also got promoted. Looking forward to visiting that Spoons again. Possibly the highlight of this season.

    Will Hereford end up in National North, or will someone else be shifted? Oxford?
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  20. Blitzwalker

    Blitzwalker Well-Known Member

    Truro and Torquay have to be the long weekender highlights (hopefully they won’t be scheduled for a Tuesday night!). Other than that, a good mixture of decent mid-distance away trips plus a few Oystercard awaydays (Dartford, Welling, Wealdstone and possibly Hampton).
  21. Jimbob73

    Jimbob73 The Wanley Road Massive

    Dartford is a great ground, can't wait to make so noise with the Rabble there. I've got friends who follow Chippenham so looking forward to that too.
    Torquay away is going to be amazing, hope for a nice August away day (not a Tuesday in February)
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  22. EDC

    EDC A Slightly Less Invisible Cyber Fan These Days

    Wealdstone again for me, I've always liked them.
  23. JimW

    JimW 支那暗杀团

    Pretty sure they'll be north, other borderline team is Gloucester and they've not long since been shifted to South so wouldn't get transferred again I think.
  24. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    Slough look likely candidates if some of the posters on their boards are anything to go by:

    Slough Town - Cardboard
  25. pinknblue

    pinknblue Well-Known Member

    Certainly looks like they have more than their fair share of village idiots!

    I'll be very disappointed if Oxford go North as I live there and was looking forward to seeing the Hamlet play in my adopted home town and have a couple of london-based Dulwich mates come to stay for the weekend.
  26. pinknblue

    pinknblue Well-Known Member

    Really looking forward to trips to Torquay, Truro, Woking, Dartford (nice ground- I'd love us to have a ground like that!), Bath and St. Albans.
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  27. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    But we played there in the FA Cup this season and I don't recall any problem.

    The consensus from reading other forums seems to be that Hereford will be placed in the North, having never played at this level before. Gloucester and Oxford have both played in the North in recent times and the protocol is not to switch clubs a second time against their wishes.
  28. Jimbob73

    Jimbob73 The Wanley Road Massive

    Just had a google look at Torquay's ground it looks great, Bath looks excellent too
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  29. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    I went to Bath last August and it's an excellent old-fashioned non-league ground. Bristol Rovers played there in the Football League for several years after vacating their Eastville ground and before moving in with Bristol RUFC.
  30. 3010

    3010 Well-Known Member

    That is actually a Woking FC forum so don't want to mistakenly tar Slough Town fans!
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