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    Marcel Plassard from the web

    The Nouvelliste du Morbihan 1938/09/01
    Once selected, then, Marcel Plassard was called upon to render great services to his club, which he owes ... (Hennebont, Morbihan, France - 1938)

    The Nouvelliste du Morbihan 1938/09/01
    ...A DEPARTURE - Marcel Plassard , Master Corporal at 137 "RI and back at the Lorient Football Club will leave us .... (Hennebont, Morbihan, France - 1938)

    Marcel, Eugène PLASSARD
    Number: 902L33 5481FN41
    Specialty: Marine Fusilier
    Last grade: Second master (after legal duration)

    Date of birth: 26th November 1915 - PORT-LOUIS (56)
    Death date: February 17, 2002 (87 years) - LORIENT
    Service states (6)

    Marine Fusilier

    Second master (after legal duration)

    ARRAS - Embedded


    GREENOCK BASE - Embedded
    - 1940 -
    01/08 /
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    The first recorded Women's game to be played at Champion Hill, I can find is the 1977 Women's FA Cup final between Southampton and QPR held on 15th May 1977, with over 3,000 in attendance in the old Champion Hill stadium. The game highlights shown before the men's FA Cup final with Bob Wilson as commentator. QPR ran out 1-0 winners.

    the next game was the delayed 1994/95 London women's cup final between Arsenal & Millwall Lionesses in August 1995

    The next women's game played at Champion Hill was on Sunday 10th September 1995 when Dulwich Hamlet Women's football Club (formally Lambeth WFC founded in 1986 as Patmore Youth Club) ran out against Hackney WFC in the WFA Cup preliminary round (Alsion Murphy star scorer)
    Debbie Glanfield, T Balogun, Catherine Dooley, Alison Murphy, Hazel Sarjeant, Martina Killick, Jackie Phillip, Marie Foley, Diann Charles, Dee McLaren, Bebrey Gurten subs Maz Keenan, Chidi Anyiam, Fola Munis

    Source: 10th September programme notes

    The last recording of the first Dulwich Hamlet women's team I can find is a game against QPR in March 1998
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    Can't remember the dates but the mid 90's ish saw two womens FA Cup Semi Finals at the Hill. Croydon and Ipswich were two of the four teams involved. Think Croydon may have featured in both matches and that it was probably around the time of the first DHWFC.
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    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    This has nothing to do with Dulwich Hamlet, and the picture was used to falsely represent how popular the former Kings College sports field was, by an arch opponent of the building of our curent ground.
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    Son of Roy Thinks Gavin Rose is great

    Never mind his book I believe Beasley is more famous for inspiring the Tuscany song?
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    The BBC erected a temporary television gantry under the old covered terrace for the 1977 Cup Final and I believe some local chldren were shaking it while chanting "Jimmy Hill is a wanker". Mishi can possibly elaborate upon that!

    There were also two FA Cup semi-finals played at Champion Hill during the first three seasons or so after the current ground opened. One of them was Croydon v Millwall. I recall Croydon seemed to have won it by scoring the first goal very late in extra time only for Millwall to equalise straight from the kick-off then win on kicks from the penalty mark.
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