Dulwich Hamlet Football Club - The Great War 1914-1919

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    Roll of Honour
    St Anthony's Hall (now Cinema)
    East Dulwich
    (Parish being St Thomas More Catholic Church)
    east dulwich ww1 catholic st anthonys 1914 CvTaCQeWgAAiYKN.jpg
    Charles Barnes
    Albert M Behar
    Albert Bickle
    Victor Bickle
    Vincent G Breakspear
    Alfred Clarke
    John Dee
    George R Fullick
    Edward J Gailey
    Frances E Gailey
    William Gallini
    Richard Hanrahan
    John Harrison
    Harry R Hicks
    Francis W Lang
    John Mackesy
    Patrick S Mahon
    Anthony B Monypenny
    Frederick J Murphy
    Timothy E O’Brien
    Frederick W Ridley
    Cecil F Russell
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    ww1 dulwich hospitalD bDqh4IPNWwAAaLCe.jpg ww1 dulwich hospitalD bDqh4IPNWwAAaLCe.jpg Dulwich Hospital War Memorial

    ww1 dulwich hospitalD b nm Dqh3-LuXQAEG9D-.jpg
    [/ATTACH] ww1 dulwich hospitalD b Dqh4UdqX4AA0NxW.jpg

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