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Dulwich Hamlet FC 2013-2014 season - chat, rumours, reports


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we should create a song for him….something about taking the train...

Stop that train
Jordan Clarke's getting on
He needs to leave Carshalton now

Edit: I don't like that last line very much. I'm finding it difficult to think this morning. Maybe something like:

Dulwich Hamlet gonna bust the scum up
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Hey, Dean Yager!
Like that Balotelli song.

OooooOh, Jordan Clarke, he's a winger
He never starts,
Skins the opposition,
Cause he's running down the line,
Fucks off all the linos
Cos he's never caught offside
Oooh, Jordan Clarke....

Pink Panther

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we should create a song for him….something about taking the train...
"Last Train to Clarkesville"!

Awesome atmosphere last night, in The Hope before the game and behind the goals in the ground. I feel for the home fans not being able to participate like we do with these draconian bans for some of them, although their team was so poor the chairman may have done them a favour of sorts!




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Is anyone getting train down to Lewes on Saturday (including replacement bus from Three Bridges), as opposed to the coach?


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I can't wait for Saturday, especially after not being able to go last night (thanks kid's and wife working late), driving down there and a visit to the Harvey's Brewery shop for some evening take-aways!

Hurry up with the photos from last night please Ed.


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simply very proud of Dulwich Fans showing solidarity with Carshalton Fans

well done great chant

Hope we continue to get a good name as fans who are respected at home and away in our conduct and treatment of particularly away fans at Champion Hill - it should be a joy to come to Champion Hill for all

I have to say somehow missed the notice for this game - would have gone as well

well done to those who went - credit to The Rabble and DHFC