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Discussion in 'Dulwich Hamlet FC' started by editor, May 30, 2013.

  1. G Man

    G Man Formerly of hard hat fame

    One of my favourite features of the season was seeing all the individual personalities grow during the season and gradually come together to form a bigger and more united rabble.
    As has been alluded to, early season, the rabble was very much lead singing wise by Mishi and Burty. I remember Carshalton at home in August where it pissed down with rain relentlessly for 90 minutes. Mishi was at work and Burt took to the stand. A rendition of the Burt/Erhun song to the Manic Street Preachers 'Faster' was unable to attract our songsmith to join myself, Vornstlye and Joe K (apologies to anybody else who was behind that goal that day but it wasn't many). So we sporadically sang, despite the weather, despite my not knowing all the songs or being generally out of tune with everybody else. We won 3-1 and it was great, even though that was the game where we sadly lost Harry Ottoway for the vast majority of the season, but it was nowhere near the atmosphere we would go on to have for a seemingly routine game at home to Wingate & Finchley for example. This became almost a given when our 'leaders' were not present.
    Personally, I hated to start songs as didn't want to sing an inappropriate one or for too long. I probably do that now. I preferred to prompt a song so that somebody else would start it. Gradually, I gained the confidence to start even though not even my efforts could cajole the few of us at Lowestoft away to sing for more than a few minutes as it was so fucking cold! But now, It feels as though that from having only a handful of 'characters' with the confidence to lead, we now have a Monty Python style multitude (you're all individuals, you're all different! er, I'm not) who now have the willingness to not only start but to create songs no matter how abject some of the efforts have been. It's been a pleasure to see all the individuals I had the odd chat with on occasion at home games come together and in the last few months of the season the scenes that we've seen at the end of games, especially away, has been truly unique.

    It's an absolute pisser that we won't be participating in the play-offs with our special fans but we've already won the moral victory and will no doubt win it again next season regardless of what happens.

    Now, who wants a regular Saturday afternoon kick about somewhere (Peckham Rye Commnon? feel free to suggest) to replace our 3pm Saturday footy diet? I have Concorde Rangers football to play with, my only south London style thievery of the season. It had to be done.
  2. editor

    editor hiraethified

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  3. vicarofsibley

    vicarofsibley 80087355

    Definitely up for this.
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  4. G Man

    G Man Formerly of hard hat fame

    The two away games at Margate were special for entirely different reasons. I still can't believe we came back from 2-0 down. I'd like to believe Michael and I psyched out the Margate players by singing for no reason whatsoever throughout half-time when everybody else was in the bar contemplating a wasted journey. They certainly looked perplexed when they came out for the second half. I think the red card plus the relentlessness of our attacking helped. That was also the game where the "we're pink n blue" chant started. And brilliantly, everybody got home that night after the kick-off delay. Top class!
  5. editor

    editor hiraethified

  6. pompeydunc

    pompeydunc Well-Known Member

    Yes, a great idea! There is usually a fair amount of space on PR park. Although I would perhaps vote for Wednesday or Thursday evenings, and then some post-game Bucky and Red Stripe...mixed with vodka, tequilla and red bull.
  7. Balbi

    Balbi Hey, Dean Yager!

    What a season. What a season.

    Highlights: Wealdstone Away, Carshalton in the pissing rain, the 4/10 performance that became a 10/10 with a 90th minute winner (editor ;)), Hampton & Richmond away and definitely not Lewes :D

    Lowlights: Harry's leg break, Yannick Panic, fucking Met Police.

    I've had so much fun :cool:
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  8. Joe K

    Joe K no al calcio con orchestra di ukulele

    Ace post, G-Man. For what it's worth, one of my other season highlights was your 'Grani Alves' performance for the Supporters' Team on Saturday.

    I'm well up for some kickabouts over the summer.
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  9. Joe K

    Joe K no al calcio con orchestra di ukulele

    New award category:

    Player Who You Forgot Played For Us This Season Of The Season, Sponsored By Paul Vines - Karl Beckford
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  10. vornstyle76

    vornstyle76 Vorn Chic Vorn Genre

    Best Chant: 'Paul Vines running down the line...' to the tune of White Lines. Never in the history of sport has there been such a distance between song and player quality. DON'T YOU TAKE HIS (PRE-SEASON) GOAL AWAY!
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  11. Joe K

    Joe K no al calcio con orchestra di ukulele

    Can't remember whether it was home in the league or away in the cup, but I remember a couple of us briefly turning it into 'PAUL VINES...HE'S ON THE WINE' or somesuch. Bit hypocritical if it was the away cup match, to be fair.
  12. G Man

    G Man Formerly of hard hat fame

  13. all to nah

    all to nah Well-Known Member

    Leatherhead 1-0 up.

  14. PartisanDulwich

    PartisanDulwich Well-Known Member

    Dulwich Hamlet Flags 2013-14 Season

    A season in flags

    We have become known for our flags, as we are for our posters and songs (and voodoo stick)

    I believe banners to be vital, as they change the environment from a sterile environment into a backdrop for our fans and team - we are the canvass

    Rob started the move to more abstract banners

    obviously the Transpontine banner is are calling card and I don't really like it when its not up
    but still think we should add Curva del Transpontine

    Rob also had the string of flags Modern Football and Rabble etc that he has now been placed behind the Rabble to great effect

    I enjoy the anarchic "flags the Police" and "Moral victory" stand out for me

    Scutta's "This is Tuscany" is excellent but needs re working in size either to hang up behind us or fit the pitch side boards

    The Tuscany regional flag (acquired from Italy)made an early appearance in the season and was warmly received even from the odd person who thought it was a Paras flag

    The next flags to appear were International Brigade (because Dulwich sent a number of people to fight fascism in Spain)

    then came the Che flag (to fit in with the Kail & Che Left wingers poster) - the only flag I got a complaint about

    Then the Italian CLN Partisan flag to go with the Tuscany theme (and our commitment to anti fascism)
    and the Yugoslavian partisan flag and French FTP Resistance banner (The French forces played games at Champion Hill during the war.

    We attempted solidarity banners with Carshalton fans, Magnotsfield united and Wingate & Finchley (Group 43) - but hit home spectacularly with the Ritzy solidarity banner (credit to all involved)

    The Erhun 10 banner worked out well but was not seen at its best (credit to the "we love you Erhun Dulwich always")

    The soviet flag in pink and blue has arrived in the last few games and balances the pink and blue union jack

    With regard to the main 2 piece flag pink and blue (with ensign) the flag at the top is actually an English civil war parliamentarian flag - not sure it floats enough and apologies to anyone who's view it got in the ay of - Try to always have it at the back

    What has been great is people now help themselves to work the Tuscany flag and pink and blue (its rather tiring otherwise)

    Finally respect to the Altona & Dulwich flag which is beautiful but makes very few outings and finally the whimsical Dultra and Ged banners

    Sorry to hear the Scottish Dulwich flag went missing, if you know where it went please return

    Next season would like to see a "Welcome to Tuscany" flag up high behind us and a bigger Rabble flag

    I know not everyone is into flags but I think its an important art of war
  15. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    if the kickaboot is on the Rye im there! have been looking for a casual game... none of my mates like excercise :D
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  16. editor

    editor hiraethified

    2-0 to Leatherhead scum.
  17. SDE

    SDE Well-Known Member

    "You can shove your goals for breakfast up your arse"
  18. Tricky Skills

    Tricky Skills Well-Known Member

    Posted for context, with little comment - except to say look how far we've come since 2005 :)


















    Got as far as November 2005 in archiving all of my old Dulwich pics over the past ten years. Already up to 2,500 ;)

    Still like the idea of dropping them on to a USB and burying it deep in the centre circle.
  19. EDC

    EDC A Slightly Less Invisible Cyber Fan These Days

    I'm not in any of them.
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  20. Monkeygrinder's Organ

    Monkeygrinder's Organ Dodgy geezer swilling vapid lager

    Just done some quick sums and average attendance in the four home league games last August was 530. Four home league games in April - average 810. Obviously the last game is always a relatively big one but that still shows how the crowds have gone up over the course of the season.
  21. EDC

    EDC A Slightly Less Invisible Cyber Fan These Days

    I was surprised Wealdstone sneaked in with a slightly higher average but I suppose they had a lot of home games in hand which coincided with their rise to the top of the league.
  22. liamdhfc

    liamdhfc Well-Known Member

    Dulwich Hamlet End of Season Awards will take place at the club on 10th May starting at 7pm - entry is free.

    Go to club website to vote for Player of the Season & Goal of the Season.

    Voting closes at midnight on 6th May.
  23. Monkeygrinder's Organ

    Monkeygrinder's Organ Dodgy geezer swilling vapid lager

    They did have quite a lot of home fans when we were there tbf. I think maybe we were getting more by the end of the season though.
  24. Yorick

    Yorick Active Member

    The Maidstone home game was incredible, but I don't want the Harrow Borough match at Champion Hill overlooked. With that thunderstorm, the only reasonable explanation I can believe is that the gods themselves intervened to try and stop Hamlet going top of the league that day. Fuck you, gods.
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  25. timparks

    timparks New Member

    Hi guys and girls, Tim here from Wealdstone - just had a quick lurk on your forum (always v entertaining) and just wanted to commiserate on Hamlet missing out on the playoffs... Deffo should have been in contention and, as you say, can claim a moral victory over the pragmatists of Ornchurch and Stoft (and probably Boggies and Ks too). We'll miss you for the songs, banners, flares and general silliness, but perhaps the wait won't be too long...
    Both Dulwich and ourselves saw crowds take a similar upturn as the season continued - 500 at the start rising toan average close to 900 in march/april - and long may that continue... We're both bucking the trend and growing our clubs so here's to another meeting of minds before too long:)
  26. pettyboy

    pettyboy Well-Known Member

    We had a great time with the Guernsey fans down at Leatherhead last night. They're a really fun bunch and enjoy a good sing-song, so we were right at home. They'd even brought along five green Guernsey FC t-shirts for us to wear.

    Unfortunately it finished 3-2 to the SCUM but there should be a lot of mutual pride between the Guernsey players and their supporters. (We were told last night that the players aren't paid!)

    The gospel of Dulwich Hamlet continues to spread and on the back of last night, and pompeydunc & Champion_hill's earlier excursion to Redhill, we have some new friends in the Channel Islands.

  27. Monkeygrinder's Organ

    Monkeygrinder's Organ Dodgy geezer swilling vapid lager

    Cheers. I had a great time at Wealdstone - you're another good club IMO. Congratulations on a very well deserved title too.
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  28. Ron Merlin

    Ron Merlin Gotta get that garlic planted

    Indeed, congrats Tim. You've been stuck at this level too long. I think you can legitimately claim B****t as proper rivals again now. :) Although we reserve the right to join you in the hatred... eventually.
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  29. EDC

    EDC A Slightly Less Invisible Cyber Fan These Days

    Congrats on your promotion, well deserved and a club I've always liked. Our match at yours was my favourite of the season.
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  30. vicarofsibley

    vicarofsibley 80087355

    Will be there! Anyone else coming?
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