Dulwich Hamlet 2018-9 season. The highs and the lows. The readers' awards!

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  1. editor

    editor hiraethified


    With just one game left to go, I thought it might be good to start thinking about the highs and lows of the season.

    Here's a list of categories. Feel free to add more!

    Best home game of the season:

    Best away game of the season:

    Worst home game of the season:

    Worst away game of the season:

    Favourite away ground:

    Best catering:

    Your favourite moment:

    Your biggest disappointment:

    Best player:
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  2. TonyWalt

    TonyWalt Well-Known Member

    Worst away game of the season: several to choose from. I would say Oxford, easily beaten by a very mediocre team.

    Favourite away ground...thought Bath City was good
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  3. TonyWalt

    TonyWalt Well-Known Member

    Best player...can’t remember who it was against, but towards the end of our time at Tooting, an evening match, it was Ming’s 200th game. He played a blinder, did his arm in but carried on terrorising the oppositions defence.
  4. pompeydunc

    pompeydunc Well-Known Member

    Bit early for this, as WSM away could still get into two or three of these categories! But....

    Best home game of the season: beating a resurgent Hungerford Town team 3-1 at home recently in what was a massive game.

    Best away game of the season: the 2-2 draw at Chelmsford - a great game when both teams were going for win by playing attacking / passing football. It seemed like that we had made the step up to this level with ease after this game, but it was a false dawn!

    Worst home game of the season: actually, none really stand-out. Our home form has kept us up. Most disappointing was Concord, as I felt a little bit of football died that day.

    Worst away game of the season: easy - Oxford City. Tried to play an overly attacking formation against and we were utterly exposed through the middle again. We had learnt nothing from a similar tactic away to Torquay.

    Favourite away ground: away to Barking in the Cup was fantastic - great bar with good beers, love the artwork on the walls, great club shop and friendly / welcoming fans. For league grounds, then hands down, St Albans City - wonderful old ground (with many good pubs nearby). Bath for the ground itself, but no beer and militant stewards put pay to that. Honourable mention to Welling.

    Best catering: rarely eat at football, so no idea.

    Your favourite moment: the late goals at home to Billericay.

    Your biggest disappointment: the public slating of our players was a shame, and the (perhaps understandable) need to change our style of play to be more direct and pragmatic from autumn onwards.

    Best player: Nathan Green is my player of the season, but Preston has been excellent too.
  5. Son of Roy

    Son of Roy Thinks Gavin Rose is great

    Highlights were our first game back at Champion Hill after 9 months in exile and avoiding insolvency. The work that Helveticvs did in putting Meadow back in their box.

    Leatherhead missing out on the play-offs again!
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  6. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Well, I did say that it was time to start thinking about the highs and lows of the season.
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  7. WillClunas

    WillClunas Well-Known Member

    Best home game of the season: Boxing Day, Eastbourne Borough at Champion Hill, sorry to be boring.

    Best away game of the season: I've been to so few I feel I can hardly comment but I did manage to catch the win at Slough Town, our first away win at this level.

    Worst home game of the season: Weston-super-Mare, on a Tuesday night in Tooting. They were very close to the bottom if not dead last, we were leading 3-1 into the final ten minutes only to draw 3-3; our game management let us down.

    Worst away game of the season: Again, not many I can fairly choose from but I was present for a particularly bad one at Oxford City.

    Your favourite moment: The Dartford-on-Dartford headbutt or any other occasion of opposition players arguing.

    Your biggest disappointment: The signature player of my time coming to Dulwich, Ashley Carew, appearing to essentially leave the club via a side door to join the surrealist project at Egham Town.

    Best player: It wouldn't be fair to give him an award versus guys who've played for us all year but Jamie Mascoll was the best player to wear pink and blue this season for me, top player.
  8. Cyclodunc

    Cyclodunc Where's the slam tent, mate?

    Best home game of the season:

    Boxing day. Also enjoyed dartford

    Best away game of the season:

    Woking for the result. Bath for the ground.

    Worst home game of the season:

    Weston. I was getting really sick of tooting by then. Also, the game when a fan slashed his face open on some metal. Can’t remember which that was but it seemed a metaphor for something or other.

    Worst away game of the season:

    Oxford city. Woeful.

    Favourite away ground:

    Twerton Park, Bath City.

    Best catering:

    Don’t really care.

    Your favourite moment:

    Carew’s goal on Boxing Day. Honourable mentions to hearing the news that we were coming back to Champion Hill and Jack Payne singing in the clubhouse again.

    Your biggest disappointment:

    Away form.

    Best player:

    Preston Edwards
  9. Pthorne

    Pthorne Well-Known Member

    Best home game of the season: - Boxing day against Eastbourne. Also really enjoyed the first home game of the season against East Thurrock with a couple of late goals.

    Best away game of the season:
    Chelmsford - Early season optimism and a decent performance and point against a strong team.

    Worst home game of the season: Bath - Hardly created a chance and were pretty soundly beaten.

    Worst away game of the season: St Albans, East Thurrock and Hampton and Richmond were all pretty miserable games. Can't choose between them.

    Favourite away ground: - Quite liked Hampton and Richmond's ground.

    Best catering: - Don't think i bought food at any of the grounds.

    Your favourite moment: Quite enjoyed when 'Hot In Here' by Nelly interrupted a minutes silence at Tooting. Think there was some sort of hen party going on in the bar.

    Your biggest disappointment: - Ming and Carew leaving. Two players I really liked.

    Best player: Nathan Green.
  10. StephenMac

    StephenMac Well-Known Member

    Best home game: Dartford

    Best away game: Woking - stuffing the abject lack of hospitality back down their throats with an unlikely win was pure joy.

    Worst home game: Bath - back down to earth with a bump after the return to Champion Hill.

    Worst away game: Eastbourne in the FA Cup - the original 4 down at half-time shambles, setting the tone for much of the rest of the away season.

    Best away ground: Twerton Park, Bath - by a distance.

    Best catering: None really - nothing to compete with the joys of Worthing and Lowestoft.

    Favourite moment - The Turvey minute's silence/Nelly mash up.

    Biggest diappointment: Ash and Sanchez leaving without so much as a fond wave goodbye from the club. Didn't feel right.

    Best player: Preston - largely by default. Suspect it would have been Connor Hunte if we'd got him a few months earlier.
  11. Cat Daisy

    Cat Daisy Active Member

    Best home game of the season: The conclusion of the Billericay game was quite something but I'll go for winning the Hungerford game when it mattered.

    Best away game of the season: Any that we won that I managed to get to

    Worst home game of the season: Concord Rangers - being beaten by a side for whom the word "streetwise" is a euphemism for so much.

    Worst away game of the season: Oxford City - although East Thurrock was not very memorable

    Favourite away ground: Imperial Fields?

    Best catering: I think the only food I bought at any ground this season was chips at Welling on the first day - so they win!

    Your favourite moment: Returning to Champion Hill

    Your biggest disappointment: The Champion Hill saga not being over yet

    Best player: It was all a bit "revolving doors" so for consistency through the season Preston, although the most recent arrivals (Hunte, Mascoll & Tajbakhsh) all looked good.
  12. TonyWalt

    TonyWalt Well-Known Member

    Biggest disappointment this season. Far too many back passes to Preston from defenders not wanting/being able to deal with the situation and passing the buck. Chambers being the main culprit in my opinion.
  13. baleboy_93

    baleboy_93 Well-Known Member

    Best home game of the season:

    Eastbourne at home, emotional day where tears were shed, rounded off perfectly by a goal from a player who always scored in the big games in Ash, and one from a player Dulwich through and through in Nyren.

    Best away game of the season:

    Woking was a superb win back in September, made sweeter by everyone’s, including even ours as media guests, crappy experiences of the stewards/ground. Chelmsford was a tremendous performance too.

    Worst home game of the season:

    Last ten minutes against Weston, not seeing the game out when we should have taken a very easy three points. If memory serves me right they only arrived 20 minutes before kick off too.

    Worst away game of the season:

    Oxford was a shocker, but thought Wingate was a terrible one all round. Worst weather I think I’ve experienced at any game, no desire from any player, plus I’d lost my nan the night before and thought having some normality on my Saturday would do me good. Aside from the Preston/Kargbo block sequence, a dire performance.

    Favourite away ground:

    Like most of the other posters, I really liked Bath, wonderful old ground and from our point of view a nice gantry!

    Best catering:

    I really enjoyed the bratwurst and halloumi at Champion Hill, panini at Wealdstone last weekend was enjoyable too.

    Your favourite moment:

    Whole weekend in Hamburg in pre-season, coming home for Christmas, knowing we were all but safe by beating Hungerford, the late comeback against Billericay and the noise when the second when in were all outstanding moments.

    Funniest moment:

    Being so desperate for a wee after the Weston game that I sprinted off to the toilet without ending my live broadcast on the radio, and then to be told by the chairman that people could hear me having the longest piss ever.

    Your biggest disappointment:

    Saying farewell to some players that have been pillars in our success over last few years, Ash, Sanchez, Kargbo and Tomlin, especially as I’d got to know them away from the pitch too.

    Best player:

    Preston, only player to be consistent all season. Green and Dipo get special mention too, as does Ming for first half of season, and Cook for last couple of months.
  14. crocustim

    crocustim Well-Known Member

    Best home game of the season: billericay

    Best away game of the season: bath

    Worst home game of the season: Weston

    Worst away game of the season: Hemel Hempstead or Hampton & Richmond

    Favourite away ground: Bath

    Best catering: The half time music at Oxford was pretty fine in the sunshine

    Your favourite moment: was it Cook who insisted that Jorgensen had a photo with the very short referee for the Brentford game?

    Your biggest disappointment: The amount of penalties conceded

    Best player: Preston Edwards
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  15. Moroccan Sunset

    Moroccan Sunset Well-Known Member

    Best home game of the season: Welling (league game). Huge turning point in the season and we got the result our performances around that time deserved.

    Best away game of the season: I haven't been to many so I'll have to pick Woking. Horrible treatment by the club itself, but it was a good performance and Iffy Allen's winner was a beauty. Important three points.

    Worst home game of the season: Truro. I know we won but how we managed to let Truro back into the game when they had only nine players is still beyond me. Good result, shambolic performance.

    Worst away game of the season: Hampton was the nadir for me. We were devoid of leadership and we didn't show up to a massive six-pointer. I came away knowing we were in an ugly relegation battle. Picking Erskine over Dipo was madness, too.

    Favourite away ground: Bizarrely, Woking. I'm saying Woking entirely in spite of how they treated us. Their massive stand was fantastic, but I particularly enjoyed it because of Scrooge's heroics to get himself a couple of jaegerbombs. One of the funniest moments of the season.

    Best catering: the Dulwich boardroom. Griff_Turnstile snuck a mince pie out for me the night we knocked Welling out the FA Trophy. Clearly it was lucky.

    Your favourite moment: Returning to Champion Hill. I hadn't realised how worried I was about Dulwich's future until the night it was announced we'd been let back in by Meadow. I just felt undiluted relief.

    Your biggest disappointment: Not winning the London Senior Cup. We had a tough semi-final this season against Brentford, but it's immensely irritating that we haven't bagged some silverware again.

    Best player: Nathan Green. He's played through injuries and he carried the team at a crucial part of the season when he played on the left of midfield. Honourable mentions to Magnus and Dipo though.
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  16. Noss

    Noss Well-Known Member

    Best home game of the season: Hungerford. I actually saw several goals, and good ones at that.

    Best away game of the season: Onfield: Woking. Offfield: Hungerford

    Worst home game of the season: Gloucester. Seems like five years ago, but was August.

    Worst away game of the season: Eastbourne in the Cup. Fucksake.

    Favourite away ground: I like the randomness of Chippenham

    Best catering: Maidstone pre-season chips, vegan sausage from Naans and pie from PieMinster (despite the price, obvs)

    Your favourite moment: ‘Summer has arrived’ post match drinks in Wealdstone car park

    Your biggest disappointment: shipping out Ash etc with barely a ‘thanks mate’

    Best player: I’m a Chambers fan

    Wettest moment: First half v Wingate

    Saddest moments: Seeing quite a few fans having pretty serious injuries and illnesses during the season
  17. Noss

    Noss Well-Known Member

    And another thing...when was the last time we had a whole season without a single postponement due to the weather?
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  18. Bugpowder Dust

    Bugpowder Dust Well-Known Member

    Best away game of the season:
    Chippenham Town, decent old ground, good performance and a vital 3 points

    Worst home game of the season:
    Weston, those two late goals were a sickener

    Worst away game of the season:
    Dartford. We went one up through a great Dipo strike only to lose to a blatant handball and then a penalty where their player admitted diving after the game and the ref said he called it wrong after seeing the footage. It was a sliding doors moment, had the result been reversed we would have gone into the playoff spots, instead we slipped into the bottom half of the table.

    Favourite away ground:
    The game aside, I was impressed with Dartford's new build stadium and would be chuffed if we got something like that if we have to move from the current ground.

    Best catering: don't really eat at games

    Your favourite moment:
    The equaliser against Billericay.

    Your biggest disappointment:
    Lack of Tuesday night games this season, made worse through our early cup exits with terrible performances at Wingate and Eastbourne.

    Memories that don't fit in any category:
    - Glebe away was supposed to be a happy reunion with Phil Wilson only for him to be stretchered off in agony.
    - Seeing Jay May finally score after 20 games in the torrential rain at Greenwich B
    - The ridiculous game against Truro with all the red cards where we surrendered a 2-0 lead but still won
    - Ricky Hayles getting sent off after 5 minutes at East Thurrock but then not capitalising on it

    Best player:
    Magnus, our results were much better when he played. Preston and Dipo running him close.
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  19. Cyclodunc

    Cyclodunc Where's the slam tent, mate?

    forgot about:

    - turvey silence
    - headbutt
    - wingate (mainly being given free prosecco in a random pub afterwards)
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  20. Taper

    Taper Mark McGann

    Best home game of the season:

    Hungerford. First half was like a lovely hybrid of the old Hamlet and what’s required to survive in this league. Plus we were pretty much safe on the back of the result. And my dark side had persuaded me we were doomed for most of the second half of the season. So the sun came out after this result.

    Best away game of the season:

    I don’t go to many away games. I enjoyed Welling until about 3:30. The sun, the big Hamlet turnout and the expectation of the season to come.

    Worst home game of the season:

    Billericay. To my eternal shame, I left early. There are some clubs (Bognor, Leatherhead, Billericay) that I just don’t like. And when we are losing to them I get to the point where I just can’t bear it. And I left the game after about 60 minutes because I just couldn’t bear the thought of those slimy Essex bastards beating us. I didn’t want to be there to see it. So I left. And I missed what was probably the best game of the season. Don’t tell anyone. I’m going to pretend I was there to the last

    Worst away game of the season:

    Welling. Being banned from the local spoons (dog). The sweaty bar with terrible beer. The wasps. And the realisation that this league was going to be a joyless bastard of a league when Welling scored, twice. Misery.

    Favourite away ground:


    Best catering:

    Tooting. Although I never eat anything other than crisps at the footer. The dog liked Tooting too. The chicken and the rats under the stand.

    Your favourite moment:

    Dipo’s second goal against Chippenham at Tooting. Just beautiful.

    Your biggest disappointment:

    I think it has been a far worst season than it should have been. The Hamlet have been flaky as hell. And that has been very stressful. Tomlin playing in place of Dipo early on was a big part of this. Dipo’s flawed, but he makes things happen.

    Best player:

    I voted Preston. But maybe Dipo.
  21. RabbleLevi

    RabbleLevi Well-Known Member

    Best home game of the season: Eastbourne Boxing Day (Champion Hill felt like a fortress) or the fight back against Hemel Hempstead to keep momentum and get a valuable point.

    Best away game of the season: Beating Wealdstone, the only away game I’ve seen Dulwich win this season. We looked a completely different team from the beginning of the season and managed the game very well.

    Worst home game of the season: Easy, Concord Rangers, who went 1-0 up and then sucked the life out of the game with time wasting and silly goalkeeping antics. I guess it gave a flavour of what was to come...

    Worst away game of the season: Truro, but at least I can say I have experienced the miserable 5 hour journey back after a very disappointing result (Bucket list tick). St Albans was a dreadful, dreadful game on an awful pitch and with £14 entry I felt robbed at the end.

    Favourite away ground:

    Best catering: Welling have a good set up, minus the wasps...

    Your favourite moment: I believe it was a cup tie against Woking/Welling but Sanchez did some serious damage to his shoulder. Instead of going of he made a brilliant run down the right, ball glued to his feet, clutching his shoulder, leaving the opposition in his dust and crossed the ball in for a wonderful assist. HEROIC.

    Honourable mentions: Loosing 4-3 to Eastbourne in a cup game after being 4-0 down at half time with 10 men.

    The Rabble singing Allez Allez Allez over Sadiq Khan.

    Your biggest disappointment: Not scoring against Crystal Palace.

    Best player: Preston Edwards is a bit good isn’t he. Green and Cook close seconds, always play with their heart on their sleeves.
  22. PartisanDulwich

    PartisanDulwich Well-Known Member

    Staying up
    Billericay equaliser
    Glebe away
    Huge level of Community work including loads more mascots
    match day organisation 110% better
    Brilliant attendances since return to Champion Hill
    Gavin Rose what a mananger
  23. editor

    editor hiraethified


    Best home game of the season:
    I think it has to be Billericay for the beautiful last minute equaliser in front of a record breaking crowd. We looked dead and buried and then - WHAM! Pure pink and blue ecstasy.


    Worst home game of the season: Has to be against the outrageously cheating scumbags Concord Rangers. Utter disgrace.


    Best away game of the season: I LOVED Glebe. Lovely ground, lovely people. Oh and Woking just for the result after being treated like shit.


    Worst away game of the season: Hampton. Just dismal. And Woking for being an arsehole club.


    Favourite away ground: Glebe.

    Best catering: I miss the home made bread and butter puddings at Bognor.

    Best player: Has to Preston Edwards for consistency.

    Biggest disappointment: Long term players slipping off without a proper goodbye and the lack of mid week games.

    Biggest shitehawks: Meadow Wankstains Inc
  24. Son of Roy

    Son of Roy Thinks Gavin Rose is great

    The best catering was Bognor but you didn't go there this season??
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  25. Bugpowder Dust

    Bugpowder Dust Well-Known Member

    Wasn't our fixture but at Carshalton this week for the playoff - not only a cracking deep covered terrace for watching the game from but also possibly the best condition beer I've ever had at a ground (Windsor and Eton ales). Shame they are not coming up so we can visit next season.

    Oh, and Preston won player of the year at the club awards last night.

    Jamie Mascoll got goal of the season.
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  26. Son of Roy

    Son of Roy Thinks Gavin Rose is great

    Carshalton had by far and away the best chips of the season.
  27. editor

    editor hiraethified

  28. EDC

    EDC A Slightly Less Invisible Cyber Fan These Days

    Great local pub too.
  29. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

  30. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    The Hope is one of the best pubs within a short walk of any ground, possibly rivalled only by the Flowerpot at Maidstone. In fact I hope we might get another pre-season match at Carshalton.
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