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Dulwich Hamlet 1-3 Bognor Regis - 8th October 16 - Trade Union Day

Dulwich Mishi

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london was considerably smaller at the time and some miles from dulwich. not to mention that slavish loyalty to the crown at that time not something to be boasting of.
You clearly don't know me well...I wasn't boasting, merely stating a fact. I am very much anti-monarchist & think the French had the right idea...

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Sorry, there was a second or third layer of basically aimless parody in that about the Scouser/ Manc tendency to put a redundant 'bad' in front of things that are already bad, i.e. 'someone's being a bad dickhead on this thread, like'.
Yeah I got it ;) I just felt like stating the obvious/looking for a fight since there are so many dicks round here these days :facepalm: :thumbs:


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Yeah, probably them too...but I'm not on here to discuss political history, prefer to talk about Dulwich Hamlet, so I'll not get heavily involved in this...
it seems we are creating and discussing the political history of Dulwich Hamlet right now :hmm:

so get stuck in! :D


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No! I was trying to reference a Slayer tshirt I had one time, while tie-ing it to (as I see it) the most important point of this whole thread - Hamlet dogs.


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im glad the thread has got on to the important stuff: discussing pets and Slayer though, all the way from political arguments via civil war history. :thumbs:

anyone like soccer?