DSLR for a complete and utter novice

Discussion in 'photography, graphics & art' started by felixthecat, Oct 5, 2017.

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    It's a good point, and a regular trap. As well as missing the requirements, you have to be careful not to recommend retrograde choices that don't offer value against more modern options. But then on the other hand, if you've had a positive experience going down that route, perhaps that is worth something.

    There's not really a 'right' answer to this question. You can try and guess the optimal return on investment for the OP, but even to do that you have to second guess how well they'll adapt to particular cameras, both in terms of learning and in practical applicability. Again, no good in buying something that's too much hassle to take out, but no good in buying something that doesn't inspire either.

    Another couple of things I will say: I still own a D70, my first SLR, and I had reasonable success getting my wife to take decent photos with it - she has no photographic experience. In other words, these things are accessible enough if you're interested. Also my D300 was stolen this year - I got it back in the end - and the day before I tracked it down, I did actually order a like-for-like replacement from MPB. That was partly to avoid the hassle that goes with evaluating the new, but also just because it's a very good value camera. I took it around Scotland (pictures) and decided to buy the D500 because I was getting enough use out of its predecessor, and because sometimes I hit its limits, mostly just blown out skies etc.
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    Well I followed the advice of someone I work with and went into a shop and played around with a few cameras to see what felt nice. I ended up going a few quid over my budget and bought this :
    Nikon D3400 Digital SLR in Black + 18-55mm VR Lens - Jessops - Digital SLRs

    It felt nice to hold, a good weight and comfortable. Small enough to not need a humungeous bag.

    However, I did buy it elsewhere and paid less...
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    mauvais change has become unavoidable

    Nice one. It looks like a very capable camera - aside from some tech specs that you can ignore for now, I think all that really separates that and the higher grade cameras is that some of the controls are hidden away in menus rather than exposed via dedicated buttons. But, if you've never known any different, it's probably not something that will trouble you too much.

    Aside from 'which camera', most of the previous advice still applies.

    Don't worry too much about this next bit, but a bit of background: your camera uses the Nikon DX system. This means a lot of lenses are available, including some quite cheap ones. Now, it looked for a while as though, at the higher 'pro/amateur' grades, DX was going away completely in favour of the FX system. This would mean having to be careful about what lenses you buy because they wouldn't necessarily be transferable to FX. However DX has had a bit of a revival and so you should be able to buy more lenses, as you require, and still consider them a good investment if you ever want to change camera.

    Anyway get out there and enjoy it, and don't be afraid to (a) spam us with questions and (b) post up your photos!

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