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Donate to the Bush regime in Iraq

Discussion in 'world politics, current affairs and news' started by q_w_e_r_t_y, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. q_w_e_r_t_y

    q_w_e_r_t_y Well-Known Member

  2. vimto

    vimto Banned Banned

    Is the most 'Powerful Country in the World' now skint?!

    "Give us a bob for another bomb Mucker...go on mate...give us a bob."

    <chucks fairground attraction token>

    "God bless you dear sir...God bless ya..."
  3. Ae589

    Ae589 Look what you've done...!

    Considering private companies are making a fortune out of Iraq, I think it's pretty disgusting to ask US citizens to pay *again*, on top of their tax $. I bet this has traditional conservatives exploding with rage.

    I'm sure in neo-con dreamland though, I should be contributing, or it will be me, anti-war commie that I am, who contributes to the collapse of Iraq.
  4. monkeyhead

    monkeyhead New Member

    I read about an Iraqi engineer who was asked to cost replacing a bridge in his town he reckoned it would be about $300,000. The next thing he knew an American company did the work and got paid about $30 million. The US taxpayer is unknowingly filling the pockets of Bush and his friends.

    nice work if you can get it

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