Does Cardiff city centre scare you at night?

Discussion in 'Wales/Cymru' started by Col_Buendia, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Col_Buendia

    Col_Buendia sort code

    I just cycled home from Chapter, and I was coming past the castle thinking "how can I get from here to Adamsdown without having to run the gauntlet of an entire city's worth of beery idiots", and the answer was in a helicopter.

    I dunno about the rest of ye, but passing through the city centre before, during or after closing time seems to be a nightmare. I've just been to see Bullet Boy, so perhaps a film about inner city gun crime in London wasn't the best thing to set me up for a late night return home, but Cardiff city centre is a fucking head boiler at this time of night. I've come out of bars at closing time to see scenes in Caroline St that Dante couldn't have dreamt up. Fighting, puking, fucking, arguing, crying, stripping, eating, everything seems to happen there at 2am, except it's all blurry...

    And then being on a bicycle just makes you fair game for every funny-as-fuck pisshead who shouts stuff like "here mate, there's something wrong with your bike, the back wheel's turning".

    Perhaps it's just me being a bit too paranoid going home on me todd, but I grew up in Belfast where we merrily slaughtered people for pronouncing the letter "H" incorrectly, and I don't remember seeing this much grief as part of a "good night out".

    Does anyone else feel intimidated by Cardiff city centre on a Fri/Sat night?

    I told foreign mates that the cops have now established mobile triage units in St Mary's St at closing time and they seriously wouldn't believe me.
  2. phildwyer

    phildwyer Gorau arf arf dysg

    Yep, its always been bad, but its worse now than ever before. I can't imagine what Caroline Street at 2am must be like if you're *sober.*
  3. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Cardiff's always been a rough house after closing time.
  4. phildwyer

    phildwyer Gorau arf arf dysg

    True, its got all the problems of any big city, but worse because loads of people come from places like the Valleys and Barry for a big night out. Actually, Barry's even worse than Cardiff. Barry is like Caroline Street at 2am by 9pm. By 2am its quiet because everyone is passed out, arrested, or in hospital.
  5. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Caroline Street's positively posh compared to how it used to be!

    But Barry is as rough as fuck!
  6. phildwyer

    phildwyer Gorau arf arf dysg

    I hear Dorothy's have replaced the chicken curry with coq au vin.
  7. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    YES! it does scare me and also reminds me why i go to free parties instead!

    warned people about it before we went for a couple of drinks on friday and they thought i was exaggerating, until they saw it for themselves.
    scary on the way out and carnage on the way home.
    they close off the end of st mary's st ffs, so people can stagger and fall about. saw what looked like 2 couples walking a bit skiwiff and there was some small misunderstanding and the men started going for each other... there were 5 or 6 plod on them in abuot 10seconds, in the back of the van and the 'ladies' screaming etc. just looked like routine. :eek:

    CB, maybe you could go round the back way, down neville st and up penarth rd passed brains brewery? sounds dodge as well.
    or stick to the castle side and bomb it round :eek:

    one of the scariest sights i have seen (on a way to a party) was driving through blackwood or somewhere near at closing time, bloody ell
  8. Col_Buendia

    Col_Buendia sort code

    Yeah, I mean when I 1st got here in 1999, a mate on the MA course said in the first week that Cardiff was the nuttiest city that he had ever known, like for people just picking random fights with you in the bar. Now this bloke might have just been a trouble-magnet, and I've seen worse punch-ups elsewhere, but the residual level of general aggressive madness is hard to take, especially on Caroline St at 2am!

    But what is it that makes a city like that? I know socio-economic factors have a huge influence, but is that it? Do we just say 'Thatcher closed the mines and now all the valleys kids have nothing to do except get paralytic and knock seven shades of shite out of each other every weekend'...?

    I know it is a looooooooooodicrous comparison, but I'm just back from 5 months in Barcelona, and that is a city with a mad industrial background and (upon a time) a reputation for working class militancy. But they don't go out and carry on the way Brits seem to...
  9. LilMissHissyFit

    LilMissHissyFit Disturbed in a pink bra

    It doesnt bother me but then on the rare occasions Im down there after closing I'm one of the pissed people with a couple of mates ( albeit well behaved) so all i care about is getting my chips and finding my cab home
  10. oneflewover

    oneflewover Following "The Tigers"

    Hi all,

    A saturday afternoon before the football was bad enough for me, wouldn't like to do a night there. I was there a few years ago and thought i would have a nice walk down to the river, not sure what estate it was but i wouldn't like to do it again. Down against the river it was Ok, had a drink and something to eat. Glad there was a train to get me back to the centre! A drink in the town was a mistake, the locals where certainley restless! Again thank goodness for the train to the ground an back. Decided against the after match drink and headed for one in Bristol instead.

    Up the Tigers
  11. King Biscuit Time

    King Biscuit Time Well-Known Member

    It's mental and and lairy and boozy but I very rarely feel unsafe.
    I've only ever been smacked in the mouth once and that was a suckerpunch off a lairy manc after the FA cup this year.
  12. SeniorSbagliato

    SeniorSbagliato Having a coniption fit

    Dunno, don't go out anymore, not cos I'm scared, like! ;)
  13. Col_Buendia

    Col_Buendia sort code


    Well, that's once more than me, so being paranoid pays... dunnit?

  14. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Spend a week up in the valleys and you'll probably get an idea why some peeps go some beserk when they come down to the bright lights of Cardiff on the weekend!
  15. Donna Ferentes

    Donna Ferentes jubliado

    I once saw somebody smash a window with a headbutt in Cardiff city centre on a Saturday night.
  16. Belushi

    Belushi 01 811 8055 R.I.P.

    A night out in Cardiff is a picnic compared to a night out in Neath.
  17. Belushi

    Belushi 01 811 8055 R.I.P.

    There was a fighting culture among the valleys people long before the pits closed.
  18. editor

    editor hiraethified

    That was as a warning to Oxford fans.
  19. Zimri

    Zimri Well-Known Member

    I generally try to steer clear of the city center at nights, although i'd love to get some photos for photographic projects i'm currently doing, I havn't worked up the courage to actually venture into cardiff with my gear :)

    I'd guess its not just the center either, where I live, Radyr, it seems to have become popular for the local morons to gather around the spar/park and drink well into the night, usually resulting in fights/boy racers attempting to show off well into the morning.
  20. miss direct

    miss direct misfungled

    I lived in Cardiff for a year, and found the city centre very scary at night (actually even in the day but the night was worse). So many fights, people being sick, screaming abuse. Horrible. I live in Birmingham and don't see as much violence and trouble here as I did in my short time there.
  21. King Biscuit Time

    King Biscuit Time Well-Known Member

    One window, pah thats nothing.

    You have to smash at least 23 windows in your pants to get a name for yourself in this town!
  22. Donna Ferentes

    Donna Ferentes jubliado

    But unlike George III, few of us believe that we are made of glass.
  23. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Blimey! Now that's what I call window smashing! :eek:
  24. Juice Terry

    Juice Terry rama lama fa fa fa

    I used to live on Tudor Street, the walk home after a night out was always adventurous, some drunken twat offering to kick your head in, luckily they were usually too drunk to carry it out.

    Mind you, not as bad as Ponty, fighting with the cops was an accepted saturday night sport there.
  25. Col_Buendia

    Col_Buendia sort code

    Right, so what we've got is that every valleys town *near* Cardiff is actually a hell of a lot worse. I can believe it, my mate here told me that Ponty at closing time makes the Tet offensive look modest.

    But how do you define a "fighting culture" - seriously? I'm really curious about that. Where does it come from... and scarier again, does it mean that some people actually enjoy fighting :eek: ;)
  26. Col_Buendia

    Col_Buendia sort code

    conspiracy nut alert!!

    This bloke's case was up in court right before a couple of mates of mine were due to answer charges of being unrecalcitrant peaceniks and of trying to stop the war a couple of years ago. Caught a few of the (psychiatric) details, he wasn't there in person, but sounded really sad. Especially seeing as the local tabloid rags splashed him all over the front pages.

    But look at the BBC picture website . In the first shot, the time is dated 00:46. The following image shows that someone was tilting the camera vertically downwards to follow this guy, 00:56.

    The first window we see getting smashed is at 01:22, and yet incredibly the first shot of police arriving is 01:58. Even at that it takes them till 02:49 to get him into the van.

    Which means that someone can wander Queen St in their birthday suit for over half an hour, being watched by CCTV control cops and it's not worth them bothering with. And despite the shops being a MASSIVE 45 seconds drive from Cardiff central police station, once the smashing began, it took plod over 35 minutes to arrive on scene.

    Reassuring, innit? :rolleyes:
  27. ginger_syn

    ginger_syn Insanity laughs under pressure...

    The only time i find the city center areas scary is when I travel by car,the chances of some random piss-head chucking himself in front of the car in the desprate hope its an empty taxi is massive.Although a mate did make some money giving a bunch of people a lift back to barry after they stopped him like that.I have to admit though that Queen street after 2am always reminds me of a George Romero film,especialy if there is a Nick Turner soundtrack going on ;)
  28. phildwyer

    phildwyer Gorau arf arf dysg

    That's what it means alright. Where did you grow up?
  29. Col_Buendia

    Col_Buendia sort code

    That's where I grew up!

    Except not in a particularly "rough" part of town, although I swiftly moved into the city centre in my teenage years, and lived there, close to the main entertainment drag for 6 years. Never saw the like of Caroline St, though.

    What, though, is a "fighting culture". I mean, people like lots of things, but how does "fighting" come to define the culture of a given area? And who started it? (If you know what I mean ;))

    Edited to add: I was being slightly ironic when I asked if people actually enjoyed fighting! But enjoying fighting makes as much sense to me as enjoying being shagged by an alsatian. I know some folk are into it, but it beats me as to why.
  30. zog

    zog wants to be an aardvark

    I've lived here for over 15 years and the only time i've ever been assulted was by a copper.

    cardiff's a dream, no grief what-so-ever. it's the main reason i stayed here.

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