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Does anyone want a lodger for a month?


Jock under the bed
Not me :)

We've had a South African temporary mechanic at my work for a few months who has now got a permanent job in London starting on the 15th of May. He's trying to find a temporary room for the immediate short term so he has a bit of breathing space to sort something more permanent. He's only been in the UK since January. He's been looking on Spareroom.com and places like that without much luck so far. I said I'd ask my internet chums if anyone knows of better websites to try or even if any of you might have a room you could offer yourselves. He's a quiet affable chap in his thirties, doesn't drink, rides a bike a lot, cleans up after himself. He needs somewhere within 8 or 9 miles of zone 1 and he has about £5-600 a month to offer. He hasn't got much above that to offer as a deposit which is the sticking point so far. Anyone?