Does anyone else think there seem to be lots more police cars about on 999 calls nowadays?

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by T & P, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. T & P

    T & P |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

    It could just be that I had never noticed it/ given it thought below; or something as simple as a new police patrol depot nearer to me. But i’ve been living off Norwood Rd for more nearly 20 years and I swear the amount of police cars I see/hear zooming past on 999 calls every single day seems staggering, and far more than it used to be, say 12-15 years ago.

    Just in the evening time during the working week there must be at least 4-6 instances of cop cars speeding along sirens blazing and lights flashing every single night. And at weekends it can easily be 8+ separate incidents (i.e. half an hour or longer apart).

    Not only that, but on each instance the number of cars attending is rarely fewer than 3. Some Saturday nights I’ve probably counted 8-10 cars going past within a five-minute period.

    Is my memory failing me and has it always been it like this? I certainly don’t remember it so. Perhaps it’s just that they always send far more cars and support to any incident than before...
  2. bellaozzydog

    bellaozzydog rolling turds in glitter

    Normally at end of shift
  3. 8ball

    8ball Chipperer than average

    Is this just a little before 10?
  4. T & P

    T & P |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

    Not necessarily, but come to think of it there are perhaps more of then later in the evening. But there are plenty of them early evening as well.
  5. 8ball

    8ball Chipperer than average

    Ah, was just wondering whether it was around Dunkin’ Donuts closing time..
  6. bellaozzydog

    bellaozzydog rolling turds in glitter

    1600 in cornwall town environments
  7. fishfinger

    fishfinger تپلی

    Come January, there'll be no Donuts - just Dunkin'

    That'll confuse 'em.

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  8. SheilaNaGig

    SheilaNaGig Struggling and striving

    They’re racing each other back to base.

    When I lived down in Brixton Town we’d quip “Must be teatime” when two or more siren wailers came by close together.
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  9. editor

    editor Forked with electrons

    Living on Coldharbour Lane, I'm long used to endless police/fire engine sirens all day and night long. Not sure if there's any more than usual.
  10. organicpanda

    organicpanda cat herder extraodinaire

    same here biggest difference is the amount of unmarked cars seems to have grown, the one time there was not a police car to be seen was when I called 999 while watching a brutal kidnapping, they finally got back to me 30 hours later no apology no explanation as to why it took them so long, the only thing the inspector said was 'yeah there's been a few of those lately'
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  11. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Starry Wisdom

    i think i may have heard and seen fewer police cars with the woo-woos on, but a lot more ambulances, in recent months
  12. salem

    salem Well-Known Member

    Could it be fewer police covering a larger area and therefore having to cover more miles on blues between calls?
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  13. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    Yes. From what I have heard cuts to police have meant this.
  14. jimbarkanoodle

    jimbarkanoodle Well-Known Member

    Ive noticed there seems to be a lot more unmarked police cars about these days. IIRC it was unusual to see these at ll say, 10-15 years ago, but now they are almost as common as marked cars.
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  15. 8ball

    8ball Chipperer than average

    Yeah, it’s a new thing where you just use your own car and when there’s a crime you get allocated it via an app.
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  16. jimbarkanoodle

    jimbarkanoodle Well-Known Member

  17. 8ball

    8ball Chipperer than average

    It's perfectly safe. The cars will be self-driving in 10 years time.
  18. Manter

    Manter Lunch Mob

    I used to live on Brixton road and cars would permanently be zipping past in alternative directions. Given there is a station at Brixton and one at Kennington I always wondered whether it was really poor resource allocation....
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  19. sim667

    sim667 Licking windows on the 303 bus.

    I suspect that whenever you're aware of them its because they've got lights and sirens on, and I know where I live you rarely see a police car unless its on a 999 call now..... I think there's just less police around generally.
  20. Smick

    Smick Strictly Second Class

    That’s it. Nobody is on patrol any more, unless they are PCSO on motortrikes, handing out tickets for parking on a red line.

    Full fat cops are so thin on the ground that they don’t patrol. They are in cars and rush from emergency to emergency with blue lights flashing and sirens wailing.

    It’s a sad state of affairs.

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