Do you like noise?

Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by Left, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Knotted

    Knotted Sweet when you stir it up

    I only got 4.:mad:
  2. Knotted

    Knotted Sweet when you stir it up

    To be fair, didn't John Cage see himself as anti-music?
  3. TruXta

    TruXta tired

    Maybe he did, I don't think posterity agrees really.
  4. miniGMgoit

    miniGMgoit OverWeightUnderAchiever

    Sorry if this has been posted before but the noisy sound of a band imploding

    Ladies and gentlemen I give you Atari Teenage Riot live at the Brixton Academy:

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  5. Meltingpot

    Meltingpot Living in our pools we soon forget about the sea

    Xenakis was very much influenced by mathematics;

    I'm listening to "Troorkh" (his trombone concerto) at the moment for the first and probably last time, and I have to say it's very much an acquired taste :) Somewhat reminiscent of Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother suite, which preceded it by about 21 years;

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  6. DJWrongspeed

    DJWrongspeed radio eros

    Alot of later Xenakis owes much to Varèse e.g. Integrales from 1925. Varèse really was the proto-noise prophet because he pre-dates electronic music although he was more interested in sonic art rather than noise for noise sake.
  7. Knotted

    Knotted Sweet when you stir it up

    The real noise prophits were the futurists. Luigi Russolo and all. Easily forgotten as there isn't much in the way of recordings.
  8. Knotted

    Knotted Sweet when you stir it up
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  9. Ming

    Ming Massive prawns

    Swell Maps? Thank fuck the fonts normal! Didn't know why people went on about Comic Sans all the time. I do now.
  10. heinous seamus

    heinous seamus til clay-cauld death shall blind my ee

    No. Keep it down you cunts.
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  11. xenon

    xenon A move in any direction

    I near shat myself listening to some noise outfit I forget the name of, one night. I was a bit stoned and listening on headphones in bed. A tune came on, which to my discombobulated mind sounded like some psychopath had broken into the flats and was beating a primal rithmic prelude to slautghter upon the metal stair rods. It took me a couple of minutes to work out it was coming from my headphones.

    I think I downloaded it off Used to be a great website.
  12. xenon

    xenon A move in any direction It's still there. Better design than the last time I looked.
  13. killer b

    killer b Nostrofuckingdamus

    fozzie's noise zine arrived yesterday, it's splendid - i haven't heard of a single artist in it, but want to listen to all of them. :D
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  14. ouchmonkey

    ouchmonkey Singe Gainsbourg

    Yes. noise is good.

    although I can't really be doing with Merzbow.
    too screetchy
  15. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

  16. killer b

    killer b Nostrofuckingdamus

    that looks pretty specialised. :D
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  17. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan razzed up on scrumpy and injustice

    I was a bit meh about noise until I was round a mate's nogged off my nut after an epic house party and a friend played a noise mix he'd done. It was so intense it felt well transcendental. Here it is:

    G*Park - Slow

    John Wiese - Circle Snare (Third)

    Francis Dhomont - Cartographie Liminaire

    Hafler Trio - Blanket Level Approach

    Chris Watson & BJ Nilsen - SIGWX

    G*Park - Ticr

    Zbigniew Karkowski & Damion Romero - 9 Before 9 (Part 2)

    Kevin Drumm - We Both Liked The View

    Einstuerzende Neubauten - Fiat Lux

    Barry Truax - Solar Ellipse

    Hafler Trio - A Thirsty Fish (Excerpt)

    PXP - Untitled

    Keiji Haino - The Reverberation That Pursues Its Own Growing Sparse Memories

    MSBR - Mental Dissolution Part 1

    John Duncan spoken introduction to Toshiji Mikawa - Radio Code

    Kazumoto Endo - Evergreen

    Astro - Spica

    Masonna - Compilation 1987-1992

    Masonna, Rudolf & Dave Phillips - Arschloch-onna (Excerpts)

    Government Alpha - Drop

    John Duncan - Priority

    Norbert Möslang – Distilled

    Voice Crack - Colour

    Merzbow - This Dying Toad Become Forth With Coal For Colour Black

    ERG, MSBR & Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Stratum 6

    MSBR - Yakuza Gothic

    Mayuko Hino - Sensory Nerves

    Incapacitants - You Said

    Maryanne Amacher - A Step Into It, Imagining 1001 Years (Excerpt - Entering Ancient Rooms)

    Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär - Lauf In Eine Herde

    CM Von Hausswolff - Conductor

    Francisco Lopez - Wind [Patagonia]

    Bleep43 podcast 201 - James Harrington
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  18. moon

    moon Happy Happy Jo Wonderland

  19. kittyP

    kittyP schmeeer

    The feedback at the end of My Father My King by Mogwai makes my body almost convulse with pleasure.
    Does that count?

    There is also a point in Ain't No Home For You Here by The Whitestripes, feedback again that makes all my hairs stand up.

    And there is a noise in Milk and Honey by Beck that sounds like a pinball machine that is pretty much my favourite noise in the whole world :)
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  20. kittyP

    kittyP schmeeer

    Ok, I have misunderstood 'noise' and now feel old :oops:
  21. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan razzed up on scrumpy and injustice

    Noise is not a young person's thing. It is punk rock for older people in fact.
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  22. Dillinger4

    Dillinger4 Es gibt Zeit

    yes yes I do
  23. Left

    Left aimless

    Very brave - hope it survives. I need to make sure to pop in there.

    That's a very nice mix.

    I'm off to see Otomo Yoshihide tonight - don't know whether he'll be doing noise stuff or jazz stuff (or both) but should be fun
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  24. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan razzed up on scrumpy and injustice

    I wouldn't ever describe that mix as 'nice' in any capacity!
  25. Left

    Left aimless

    Why not? Why can't noise be nice?
  26. sim667

    sim667 Licking windows on the 303 bus.

    What about noise disorganiser?

  27. billy_bob

    billy_bob contents may have settled during transit


    To make you feel better, here is one of my favourite drum noises ever - fortunately it's at 0.06 so you don't have to listen to the whole track:

  28. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    I don't think you have at all! Noise has been a part of classical and rock music for ages, it's just that some people like to extract those particular bits and remove the rest. (In the same way that breakbeats on funk records became the blueprint for other music...).
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  29. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan razzed up on scrumpy and injustice

    I suppose it depends on your definition of 'nice'. Abrasive and potentially irritating noises, white noise, dissonance, screaming and total lack of melody or even rhythm are not generally considered to be nice by most people
  30. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    A lot of people who make it and go to the gigs are what I would call young - 20s/30s.
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