Do you like my new cardigan? It has a hood.

Discussion in 'threads and dreads' started by Stanley Edwards, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards 1967 Maserati Mistral.

    Found it at the flea market. Brand new. All pure new wool. Locally made.

    It has a hood.

    Is it cool?


    I also found some almighty, tank built boots. Brand new midnight blue cords. A very nice Three tone grey pinstriped shirt, and a classic coat.

    Less than €50 for the whole outfit!
  2. moomoo

    moomoo Not so yummy mummy

    That’s a very nice cardigan. :)
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  3. spanglechick

    spanglechick High Empress of Dressing Up

    Yes. Yes I do.
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  4. Celyn

    Celyn Well-Known Member

    That's a very impressive flea market you have there. Cardigans with zips and even a wee metal pull-tab, though? Can't decide whether that suggests small child or very old geezer. :D

    So, yes, it's cool in that it makes a statement of "too cool to care". :D
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  5. Lupa

    Lupa Well-Known Member

    Fifty euros?
    You did well.
  6. Spymaster

    Spymaster Cockney Wanker

    I don’t like it. Sorry Stan. Those upside down scout emblems look completely random.
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  7. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Every man and every woman is a star

    It's a French anti-monarchist design. They're upside down fleurs de lis
  8. joustmaster

    joustmaster offcumdun

    I think it might be ok.
    But maybe not with some mental blue cords
  9. Spymaster

    Spymaster Cockney Wanker

    Do you know what, I've been familiar with that design since I was a 9 year old cub and I never realised that it's a fleur de lis :facepalm:

  10. Celyn

    Celyn Well-Known Member

    Well, to be fair, now, I doubt that Stanley Edwards spends a big lot of time shouting "dyb dyb dyb" and practising his Grand Howl.
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  11. kabbes

    kabbes "A top 400 poster"

    Peak Stan.
  12. Celyn

    Celyn Well-Known Member

    Oh surely not. It is, after all, a good and warm cardigan. Or a Ceredigion.
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  13. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Every man and every woman is a star

    No, I imagine it's more of a whine
  14. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards 1967 Maserati Mistral.

    I have just discovered that the cardigan has thumb holes in the cuffs. You can pull the baggy sleeves down and use the cuffs as gloves :cool:
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  15. Spymaster

    Spymaster Cockney Wanker

    Now I really hate it
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  16. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards 1967 Maserati Mistral.


    It is perfect for an artist working outdoors in February.

    Anyway, you are out voted by the ladies. I'm afraid ladies votes count double on these matters.
  17. weltweit

    weltweit Well-Known Member

    I used to have a lovely button up cardi. I think I bought it abroad, or perhaps was given it, I rarely see any in UK shops, but then I rarely go shopping also ... which might explain it :)

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