Did you ever like korn?

Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by Madusa, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. stupid dogbot

    stupid dogbot Haughty and Superior

    Yes. :)
  2. Geri

    Geri wasn't born to follow

    I tried it in a curry once, but I wasn't impressed.
  3. Madusa

    Madusa Baller

    seriously? Slipknot just got on my nerves. I saw this interview and they were still wearing those scabby masks with facepaint UNDERNEATH aswell. And were just going ''yeah, where we come from in Idaho or some place we're so bored, we kill all our classmates, we're so fucked...''
  4. clandestino

    clandestino no llevar papel

    I dunno. Toxicity was great, and the double album had some fantastic stuff on it. Much underrated I think, and hardly nu-metal. They were far more sophisticated than that.
  5. stupid dogbot

    stupid dogbot Haughty and Superior


    Better than any Korn album. Fact*.

    *facts may actually be opinions
  6. El Jefe

    El Jefe .. the Rural Juror

    HERESY!!!! :mad: 111!!!!!
  7. stupid dogbot

    stupid dogbot Haughty and Superior

    I was just trying to make people who might disagree feel better.

    What are you doing with that fire?

  8. strung out

    strung out (",)

    strung out, no use for a name, lagwagon, mad caddies, capdown, rancid, nofx were my favourite bands. dont think any of them were really whiny though.
  9. Madusa

    Madusa Baller

    nah, Toxicity was very much a nu-metal album. No doubt about that. I remember being on a tube train with my mate when I was about 17, huddled together sharing the headphones playing her SOAD's first album and she thought it was Jewish folk music at first:D
  10. El Jefe

    El Jefe .. the Rural Juror

    btw, i never really got round to Dillinger 4. Where's a good startin point?
  11. newme

    newme Giant in Pastyland now

    Yup definitely at the time, havent listened to any in that long I couldnt tell you if i still liked em now.
  12. Madusa

    Madusa Baller

    actually, capdown were baaaad. They rocked it! :cool:
  13. skyscraper101

    skyscraper101 0891 50 50 50

    Slipknot were also crap, but mildly amusing so not a complete waste of space.
  14. stupid dogbot

    stupid dogbot Haughty and Superior

    That one, Midwestern Songs of the Americas.

    It might not be great art, but it's fucking cracking punk a la Fat Wreck. :cool:
  15. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    possibly my favoirote band of all time. and where my name comes from.

    I loved all the householdname stuff. 5 knuckle, big d and the kids table, light year. Oh yes!:cool:

    Oh and i hayed slipknot at the time for some reason quite liked a couple of the latter albums, what ever was releaed at the time when metallicas forgot what a solo was.

  16. Dillinger4

    Dillinger4 Es gibt Zeit

    Yep, Midwestern Songs of the Americas is pretty good.

    They are not the best thing ever but I really quite like them.

    This is probably my favourite song by them:

  17. Madusa

    Madusa Baller

    cousin cleotis is fucking awesome. :D
  18. futha

    futha vessel in vain

    Iowa is a great album
  19. strung out

    strung out (",)

    i used to be mates with ed and saul from five knuckle. they were ok as a band
  20. Dillinger4

    Dillinger4 Es gibt Zeit

    I used to vaguely know Light Year.
  21. El Jefe

    El Jefe .. the Rural Juror

    this thread needs more Leatherface, J Church, Bob Tilton, Baby Harp Seal, 7 Year Bitch, Vorhees and Nomeansno
  22. El Jefe

    El Jefe .. the Rural Juror

    i know Kafryn from Household Name:)
  23. Madusa

    Madusa Baller

    oh yeah, that's where slipknot are from...not Idaho. :D
  24. clandestino

    clandestino no llevar papel

    But the fact that your friend picked up on the folk elements to their music kinda proves what I was saying. Nu-metal was fairly formulaic - downtuned guitars, whining vocals, sludge, bash, moan - but SOAD threw in all sorts of weird time signatures and odd Armenian folk bits, and just messed up the formula. That's why I think they've got more to them than, say, Papa Roach.
  25. stupid dogbot

    stupid dogbot Haughty and Superior

    Ummm... I've seen the Arteries, who are on Householdname, a couple of times this year.

    Not quite the same. :(
  26. FridgeMagnet

    FridgeMagnet Administrator

    Yes, seriously. That was the proper thrash shit, not some radio-friendly game soundtrack fodder. I just put Iowa on to check I wasn't being daft and no I'm not.
  27. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    umm anyone got any 5 knuckle stuff they would be willing to send to me. I owned it all but lost everything but the all ages e.p in my carsh in feb.

    I will be very grateful.

    Never found any availible for download.:(

    I miss owning it.

  28. TrippyLondoner

    TrippyLondoner Well-Known Member

    Never really got into korn, liked their south park episode though. :cool:
  29. Madusa

    Madusa Baller

    i agree that soad's first album was good, but it all took a major nosedive beginning with Toxicity. Which most definitely WAS formulaic, but not in the soad way that brought them fans with the first album, but the second album ticks all the nu-metal boxes.
  30. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    sikth were kinda cool nu-ishmetal.

    I liked them. Apart from the lead singer who is a poncey pompus tool.


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