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DHFC Women's Team


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Under pressure most of the game, DHFC took the lead in the 2nd half with a well taken goal by Saskia. They looked like they could hold on but they couldn't keep QPR out of their own half as they pushed hard and with a goal mouth scramble they equalised and then no long after they scored the winner with a mix up between our goalie and defender which let them into scoring a easy goal.

More photos here (hopefully Max got some more as I spent it watching rather than snapping :D ) QPR Woman vs Dulwich Hamlet FC Woman | Better or worse
IMG_6259.jpg IMG_6312.jpg IMG_6433.jpg

Dulwich Mishi

Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!
Author Carrie Dunn is doing a Q&A on her new book 'The Pride of the Lionesses' before the Eastbourne game on November 3rd. Copies of the book available to buy and for signing on the day

Dulwich Hamlet to host England Lionesses book event
I would hope copies of the book are available for signing & buying... no point otherwise!
The good news is I haven’t got this book yet so will certainly be buying a copy.:)


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I didn’t see the incident nor have I heard anything since but I was by the exit where the ambulance came in and the player was sitting up and conscious as she was stretchered past.


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A record crowd of 312 for Dulwich Hamlet FC womens team today! V Eastbourne Town

better than many Isthmian South Central Division attendances on Saturday ;)
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As far as I know it was abandoned as we did not reach full time (86 mims) but the result stands. This was agreed by the referee and both managers.

The injury I'm led to believe was a boot to the chest region and when coming down the player's head came into contact with the heel of a boot and then the ground.

Ian Kaye

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An emphatic 11-0 win for the Women’s team this afternoon. Four goals each for Ana de Pelegrín and Sarah Milner. With Sarah’s hat-trick coming in a four minute spell in the first half.


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It was an enjoyable game to watch, probably could of had a few goals of it weren't for a few over keen offsides.
But it was nice of the referee to address the crowd when he was questioned about this.. :D