Developing Super 8 film? Thirsty? Dogfish Head beer has got you covered!

Discussion in 'photography, graphics & art' started by alsoknownas, Mar 25, 2019.

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    Dogfish Head Unveils Beer That Can Develop Kodak Super 8 Film -
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  2. pug

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    During WW2 British pows used wine to develop pictures in order to forge ID documents.
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  3. FridgeMagnet

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    You can use a lot of things to develop (black and white) film - “caffenol” for instance is a developer made with cheap and nasty instant coffee. You do also add vitamin C and washing soda generally though, and you do with this beer as well. Plus you then need to fix the film and that is a whole different issue.

    In the early days of film people generally used to mix their own chemicals and it wasn’t unheard of for them to blow themselves up by accidentally mixing nitroglycerin in the bathtub.

    I develop my own film but tbh it is the most boring part of the process and I just want to buy some proper chemicals where I know exactly how strong they are and how long they will take to work, because they’ve been tested in labs for decades. Developer is also pretty cheap. If I want to drink at the same time I make a nice cocktail first.
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