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  1. Mrs Miggins

    Mrs Miggins There's been a slight cheese accident

    Anyone watching the Detecorists?
    I'm loving it! Toby Jones and Mackenzie Crook almost showing off at what great actors they are!
  2. onenameshelley

    onenameshelley is Major Morgan's bitch

    Only watched episode 1 so far, I have to say I am not 100% sold. Mackenzie looks fit mind. :oops:
  3. fucthest8

    fucthest8 The rucksack of bollocks that is work.

    Its brilliant. This episode made me lol a fair bit. Really affectionate as well, not horrible at all. Aces
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  4. Supine

    Supine Rough Like Badger

    Blimey, it doesn't start for another ten minutes!

    It's kind of nice. A very British series :)
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  5. fucthest8

    fucthest8 The rucksack of bollocks that is work.

    Ah, I was watching last week then :D
  6. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    I'm REALLY enjoying it so far. A lovely gentle Brit slice o'life.
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  7. BlueSquareThing

    BlueSquareThing With chips

    It's lovely without trying for massive jokes all the time. The theme tune is rather nice as well.
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  8. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

    I watched the first two on the train last week and enjoyed them in a very uncomplicated way.
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  9. ringo

    ringo Macaroni cheese controller

    Like it, will have to get the first two.
  10. fucthest8

    fucthest8 The rucksack of bollocks that is work.

    Yeah, its pretty gentle stuff, but at heart its a buddy movie, with a brilliant, very British premise and aa dose of pathos. I think its fantastic.
  11. susie12

    susie12 Left wing scum

    Me too.
  12. Mrs Miggins

    Mrs Miggins There's been a slight cheese accident

    I've just started watching episode 3 and the opening scene is brilliant :D

    And yes - Mackenzie Crook is very hot in this. As is his girlfriend.
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  13. D'wards

    D'wards I'm an excellent driver

    Last night's episode was great. Some terrific acting and a few proper laugh-out-loud moments, in a gentle sort of way. Although is the word "cunt" ever that gentle?

    Can anyone remember the title of the similar bbc4 gentle comedy about a rambling club on a year or so ago?
    BBC4 homegrown sitcoms have been excellent. The Jo Brand hospital one (the name of which also escapes me - gotta stop sniffing this Ajax) was very good too.
    Looks like they have a dog training school one to replace The Detectorists starring the other one from the Jo Brand comedy too (yes, I cant recall the title of that also)
  14. neonwilderness

    neonwilderness What would Badgers do?

    I've only watched the first couple of episodes, but I'm liking it so far :)
    The Great Outdoors, great series :thumbs:
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  15. Mrs Miggins

    Mrs Miggins There's been a slight cheese accident

    Best use of the word "cunt" ever :D

    Toby Jones making stuff up about crystals was great. I'm looking forward to his Captain Mainwaring. He's so good.
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  16. spliff

    spliff New Member

    I'm really enjoying this series.
    I had some doubts at the beginning, feeling it might start taking the piss out of social misfits.
    It's much to gentle for that and the two leads are such good actors, the quality shines through.
    I'm slightly chuffed by the above as I was told yesterday that I look just like him. (albeit 16 years older)
    Lank hair, emaciated features and wisps of beard are IN it seems.
    I shall stride forth this evening with renewed vigour and confidence. :D
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  17. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    I think it's a really fantastic series. I even like the theme music by Johnny Flynn too!
  18. susie12

    susie12 Left wing scum

    Agreed. It's one of the best things on TV for ages.
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  19. fucthest8

    fucthest8 The rucksack of bollocks that is work.

    Perfect wasn't it? :D
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  20. telbert

    telbert Do you like sponge?

    That was fucking brilliant.:D:D.New series coming late next year:):thumbs:
  21. Betsy

    Betsy Well-Known Member

    Wonderful TV.
    Congratulations all round
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  22. Supine

    Supine Rough Like Badger

  23. Mumbles274

    Mumbles274 running from law and the press and the parents

    Loved it
  24. marty21

    marty21 One on one? You're crazy.

    Only seen one episide so need to catch up, my father-in- law would have loved this - but didn't live to see it (he died at 93 tbf) he was a metal detector enthusiast - and became quite an expert at coins and stuff in his retirement years - I made a post on a specialist forum when he died as there was a tribute thread to him:thumbs::cool:
  25. Mrs Miggins

    Mrs Miggins There's been a slight cheese accident

    And that will just spoil it.
    It was a perfect little piece as it was. No second series required.
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  26. neonwilderness

    neonwilderness What would Badgers do?

    Excellent series :)
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  27. Maggot

    Maggot The Cake of Liberty

    Watched it last night and it didn't make me laugh once. Very disappointed.
  28. BlueSquareThing

    BlueSquareThing With chips

    Given the job he's done with the series as a whole I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Lovely series and a splendid ending. Plenty of potential for more storytelling in a second set of six.
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  29. Guineveretoo

    Guineveretoo Mostly bewildered

    I thought that ending was just perfect. I hope the second series doesn't detract from the perfection. :)
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  30. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    It's one of the best series I've seen this year. Wonderful writing, fantastic acting, heart touching stories and beautiful cinematography.

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