Designing a small space station to orbit the Moon

Discussion in 'science, nature and environment' started by editor, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. editor

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    This is an interesting video:

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  2. editor

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    NASA Plans to Build a Moon-Orbiting Space Station: Here's What You Should Know
  3. MikeMcc

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    Seems to be a bit of a mission designed to give SLS a role. It would be a shame to build a super-expensive pork-barrel booster that didn't have a job at the end of it especially with two competitor breathing down their necks with fully reusable, and more flexible, heavy lift boosters...
  4. Crispy

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    Stupid design with no mission. It's in a weird high-elliptical orbit (so that the under-specced Orion + SLS can reach it) that actually increases the dV requirement for reaching the lunar surface. This means if you have a lunar lander ready to launch from earth, you'd be better off sending it to a low moon orbit and sending crew to meet it there, instead of going via the gateway.

    SpaceX's BFR should be flying around the same time and will provide 1,000m³ of living space (18x as much), and will be able to enter any desired orbit around the moon. And land on it.
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  5. cheesethief

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    This sounds like glib justification to me. If you want to go to Mars, chucking moon stuff in the mix just complicates things and makes it more expensive. A Mars mission will involve sticking big bits of kit in Earth orbit, gluing them together and heading there direct. Can't see involving the moon helping much.
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