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Day nurseries in Brixton

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by MissL, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. MissL

    MissL Well-Known Member

    hello there, just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for day nurseries in brixton? was particularly keen to hear any reviews of lily's kids klub in elm park as it's very close by. failing that, any recommended childminders? many thanks.
  2. leanderman

    leanderman Street Party: July 2

    Our kids went to Lilys.

    It's not the cheapest but we never had any problems with the place.

    It's broadly Jamaican, which seems to deter some white families.
  3. clandestino

    clandestino no llevar papel

    Our boys went to the Windmill nursery, which was just the morning. It was basic but had a good heart. Not sure where they're based now that the actual windmill uses that building...
  4. Winot

    Winot I wholeheartedley agree with your viewpoint

    Ours went to Little Angels in Gresham Rd behind the police station. Slightly disorganised place but very loving staff. Worth a look.
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  5. nagapie

    nagapie Well-Known Member

    If by any chance you are a teacher, one of the most amazing childminders I know has a space two days a week from September for a teacher. For a teacher as it's a term time only sort of deal.
  6. Griffter

    Griffter Well-Known Member

    Holmewood Nursery on Upper Tulse Hill has been fantastic for my kids - really couldn't recommend it enough. Sue Donovan the head was given an OBE for her work there.
  7. nagapie

    nagapie Well-Known Member

    Holmewood only take from age 3 upwards though.
  8. leanderman

    leanderman Street Party: July 2

    It all depends on how precious you are about your precious ones.

    Lilys is fine if you want a safe, convenient nursery.

    If you want the 'best', then you will have to look farther afield.

    We didn't - and don't - think it worth the hassle.
  9. nagapie

    nagapie Well-Known Member

    Lilys is not that cheap though. The surestart nurseries like Maytree and Effra are cheaper and very well resourced but won't take under 2s.
  10. leanderman

    leanderman Street Party: July 2

  11. RaverDrew

    RaverDrew self-banned for a bit R.I.P.

    I'll 2nd that, my youngest absolutely adored the place and never wanted to leave :D
  12. MissL

    MissL Well-Known Member

    thanks all, very useful. yes, i'm starting to realise that no options are cheap options !!
  13. nagapie

    nagapie Well-Known Member

    I have a friend whose child is very happy at Little Angels.
  14. brixtonhill

    brixtonhill New Member

    I'd be very careful if you choose Lily's and require pick-up by their nursery van. I live very closely by and have complained to them on numerous occasions about the erratic and dangerous driving of their bus driver, all of which correspondence they have chosen to ignore. He speeds down Elm Park with no consideration at all of the young children and families trying to cross the road, which I find very bizarre given that he drives on behalf of a nursery.
  15. leanderman

    leanderman Street Party: July 2

    Both Lily's minibuses were carted off to the garage today after one 'was in collision with' the other! ImageUploadedByTapatalk1368453192.775018.jpg
  16. nagapie

    nagapie Well-Known Member

    Orly? I only ask because the other morning I was walking down the road when I saw a car with it's airbag out in the front seat next to what looked up a smashed up Lily's minibus. Maybe one minibus knocked the car into the other minibus.
  17. leanderman

    leanderman Street Party: July 2

    Quite possibly. Will ask the staff tomorrow. Can't say brixtonhill didn't warn us!
  18. OvalhouseDB

    OvalhouseDB Well-Known Member

    Blimey! (re the nursery minibuses)

    No daycare nurseries are cheap, if you need care during working hours.

    We found Cherubins on Palace Rd very good, but it was a while ago.

    They continue to expand and improve their premises so must be popular and doing well, and is only a short walk from the Lily's area.
  19. leanderman

    leanderman Street Party: July 2

    your car suspicions were right: a car at 7am smashed into one minibus, which then smashed into the next.

    both minibuses, and the car, apparently written off. although that sounds unlikely

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