David Icke on the Russell Brand show

Discussion in 'Compendium Of Kerrrr-azy Conspiracies' started by Jazzz, Jan 5, 2008.

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    It's a very good start, anyway :p
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    There is a psychiactric category though for people that have delusions which can have no possible basis in fact, that seem to be coherent and the person can otherwise function perfectly normally and just happen to believe something that isn't true

    for example someone who believes that they were kidnapped by aliens or that they are the queen mother's secret love child or something and can describe these events in detail, but have otherwise absolutely nothing wrong with them at all and no other symptoms of schizophrenia whatsoever


    Obviously though, what counts as a delusion is very subjective and the DSM says it should only be diagnosed when the beliefs are "unusual" :D
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  4. frogwoman

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  5. frogwoman

    frogwoman лягушкая женщина

    Tbf i don't think everything that jazzz says is that ridiculous. Some secret societies DO exert undue influence on the governments of some countries. The classic example is Opus Dei. I do think they are extremely sinister but they wouldn't have the influence they do without money and if there weren't already people in government, the church, etc who were somewhat sympathetic to their aims. And the fact that the pope who was by all accounts assassinated by them and their allies was even able to become pope at a time when some of his views, such as birth control and abortion, were mostly disapproved of even by non-Catholics suggests that there is some resistance to their aims even in the very high levels of the catholic church and they are not the all powerful body that people portray them as and they like to see themselves as, and they do not even come close to controlling the world or even the western world, much as they would like to. And they are known to be scum by a lot of people and there have been many books and articles written about them, because the catholic church doesn't have the stranglehold it used to on what people read and think.

    and there is quite dodgy low level stuff with judges/jury members who are freemasons sometimes letting other masons off who have committed crimes, etc (although i suspect that's the same everywhere). People always have undeclared interests and allow these to get in the way of their judgements about things and this is espcially the case in positions of power. It's the simplicity of the idea that one global conspiracy controls everything and discounting all other possible factors for why things are the way they are that I object to, as well as the bonkers ideas about bloodlines and the idea that people cannot become part of the elite simply through social climbing or revolution or the aristocracy assuming increased irrelevance on the political scene as opposed to say, people who own factories (as happened in the industrial revolution and led to the members of the house of lords losing most of their power). I'm related to some people who occupy quite high up government positions in South Africa and they really are no substantially different to you and me and they certainly aint lizards. One of my relatives was actually jailed for what he believed. He's now in the SA government. Has he made compromises about his views, or changed them? Yeah. Does that make him a shape shifting reptilian? Nope.

    Conspiracies can and do happen ALL THE TIME but there's no hidden hand controlling it all and that makes it all a lot more frightening tbh. I'd love the world to be controlled by a set of lizards because we'd know then who our enemies are and be able to unite against them. It would be easier to overthrow the system knowing that whatever we replaced it with would be infinitely better but there's no guarantee that it would. :(
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    BUT ----- You're only saying that ^^^ 'cos you are one of THEM !!!! :eek:

    :D :p
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