David Bowie - Let’s Dance! Brixton charity party, Dogstar, Fri 11th Jan 2019

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    We're hosting another Bowie music night at the Brixton Dogstar on Fri 11th Jan 2019, with all profits going to local charities. Last year we raised over a thousands pounds which we shared with two youth music charities and we're hoping to raise more this year.

    In January, we'll be back with another night celebrating David Bowie, playing his hits, album tracks, obscurities and more, and mixing in tracks from some of his musical influences and the artists he inspired (e.g. Velvet Underground, Mott The Hoople, Chic, Kraftwerk etc).


    There will also be live music, videos, slideshows and photos of the great man projected on to the walls - plus Bowie bunting! - and we'll have a facepainter on hand to apply some Bowie-style makeup.

    Read more here or buy tickets here (starting at £7, message me for concessions).
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