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Dartford v Dulwich Hamlet, National League South, Saturday 25 January, 3pm

mick mccartney

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at the welling game , Sanchez Ming kept Mills , Vose and Yussuf in his pocket while smoking a cigar and reading a play by shakespeare . i have seen Ash Carew looking fit as a butcher's dog , running Beckenham's midfield , and , god forbid , enjoying himself . these are my leading contenders for Hamlet player of the year , but i'm hoping to see a couple more at Haringay vCarshalton tomorrow .


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Truly awful performance on Saturday. We looked half-hearted, devoid of ideas, and generally down in the dumps. Absolutely no spark going forward, no conviction in our passing, no determination to win. Dartford, on the other hand, were professional, sharp, up for it and were first to pretty much every 50-50 ball - basically, they played the way we used to. What has happened to our team and why do all the players look miserable and play with their heads down? I feel like there have been way too many mid-season changes in personnel and all they have done is unsettle the squad and make things worse. And then you see a guy like Sanchez Ming, who we got rid of (why, exactly?) playing for the opposition and looking like more of a player than anyone on our side. I hate to say this but I'm slowly reaching the conclusion that the one change that is really needed is a change of manager. You can tell from just looking at the players right now that something is very, very wrong.