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Daily Mail and Brian Paddick:

Stobart Stopper

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I would love to know just how much these reporters get out of kicking a man when he'd down. Bastards.
The artice in today's edition is such a load of bollocks.

Stobart Stopper

Well-Known Member
It is

entitled:'Proud of this, Mr Paddick' '......Their children are high at breakfast...dealers lurk everywhere...no wonder Brixton's black community detest being guinea-pigs in this white liberal drugs experiment.'


Can't Re Member
Sounds like a rerun of the Today stuff - perhaps they have the same origin. If their children are high at breakfast, what are their parents doing?

Has everyone else who nominated BP for the Daily Mail Unsung Julbilee Heroes campaign had one of those gushing letters from the Mail. I especially liked "it is an uplifting story" and "deeply moved by stories, like yours, of individuals who bring so much to their local communities".

Anyways, the winners will be invited to a gala ceremony at Highgrove - runners up, two gala ceremonies.


Local friendly ex-cop
From the Daily Mail article...Kate Hoey, MP:

'I'm convinced that there was a certain amount of political correctness and an assumption that because Brixton has a lot of people from an Afro-Caribbean background, somehow that was synonymous with drugs...Paddick's approach is a form of inverted racism and stereotyping.'

...did you say keep calm? :mad: :mad: :mad:

Stobart Stopper

Well-Known Member
I did!

just remember this is a covert

Yes! they have fucking scored!

sorry....this is a covert attempt to smear the person who's in the spotlight. Just wondering who's pulling the strings.....

Mrs Magpie

On a bit of break...
Don't get me started on the subject of Kate Hoey......gggrrrrrr

Brian, I don't know where Kate Hoey gets her ideas, because she is a useless constituency MP who doesn't answer this constituents letters and doesn't even read her email (as someone in her office told me, don't send emails because they won't get read.....) I don't think she engages with her constituents at all......and when she was at the Home Office she wasn't even aware of what her duties were....she returned a communication sent to her by a solicitor enquiring about her client and Kate Hoey said it wasn't in her remit to deal with it when actually it was slap bang in the middle of her remit.........
Useless constituency MP and useless Minister........a sort of anti-Midas touch.....whatever she touches goes Pear-shaped....that woman can't even manage to put on matching shoes in the morning.........


Albatross Admirer
I got a letter this morning, from the Daily Mail, thanking me for nominating Brian for their heroes award (which I did on a whim and then forgot about I have to admit), struck me as a bit odd but apparently he gets a certificate...:p


God, this is depressing. The Daily Mail and Kate Hoey showing their extreme ignorance of both Brixton and your motives Brian. Could someone post up the text of this article please. Were there any pictures?

Have people forgotten the packed town hall meeting in support of your polices? Packed I might add for any lurking journos with all sorts of Brixton people - black, white, gay, straight - all ages, all types.

Beach Bum

New Member

"When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him."

Jonathan Swift-
"Thoughts On Various Subjects, Moral and Diverting"

Hang in there, Brian.

Clapham Omnibus

a bit laid back
I was not at the meeting but I saw the video. I agree with what went on. All the people pulling in the same direction. This was a good thing to see.
Unfortunatly there were no tee-shirts on sale.
I was very supprised to see that Brian was being posted to corruption. A VERY POPULAR POSTING WITHIN THE MET

Brian if you don't give up nore will the sensible.
The Government is so full of spin and press they are of a mind to change from day to day and without any notice or logic.

What we peeps want is some kind of stability.

3-0 :)
see us on Friday
It's Comming Home
Regs:) :cool:

Mrs Magpie

On a bit of break...

Originally posted by LaraCroftbb
go and buy the asswipe rag you tight git!LOL!
Very hard for hatboy to do....as brixtons most in-yer-face community poofter it is against his religion to buy such an appallingly homophobic rag, so I bought it and he read it to me in the pub tonight.....I didn't bring my glasses so as not to contaminate my eyes....hey, I'm partially sighted so there's only so much that I can subject my eyes to..............appalling article......yes there are kids who smoke dope BUT THERE ALWAYS WERE! If Kate Hoey wants to address these problems she should look at the causes, not the effects.........Brian Paddick is no way the cause of Brixtons problems, he is one of the best chances for a solution we have ever had BECAUSE HE LISTENS!

Stobart Stopper

Well-Known Member
This is all about scapegoats

and using people as political footballs- nothing else. Like, Brian has made the biggest fuck-up in the Met's history????Right, lol!

I seem to recall the debacle of the Stephen Lawrence case, the complete farce of the Nickell case and more but all of a sudden Brian is public enemy number one.
It's homophobia, plain and simple. And also he dared to 'get down' there with 'us' and this is what they find so disturbing.

The establishment do not like it's 'members' to get down there with the people it serves, it frightens them. They'd much rather they be out of touch, stuck away in an office somewhere shuffling papers around.

They did it with the PrincessOf Wales didn't they? The moment someone appears who can communicate with us and be a human being, they find it a threat. The biggest fuck-ups she did was with Panorama and the landmines campaign. Fuck with the big bucks going into politicians pockets and they will get you in the end. Fuck with the Queen's integrity and they will slaughter you.
Is it any wonder that they had her labelled 'unstable' then had her bumped off.They listened to her phone calls and probably bugged her apartment,remember she had to have it 'swept ' many times.Oh yes, the mouse that roared. The 'loose cannon.'

If people opened up their eyes a bit and realised how the 'old boy network' really works then they would be shocked.

They have their own little rules and if someone steps out of line they will use any avenue to have them discredited. Sorry for the long rant but I hate to see a man kicked when he is down.
It fucks me off!!!!!!:mad:


Can't Re Member
Interesting though your last post was, Lara, not sure what the link is between the Mail and an american academic institute - or the marconi business and policing in Lambeth:confused:


After having read the Mail article I have a couple of things to say in it's favour. Yes, the situation lacks clarity - cannabis is not legal in Lambeth. And yes - children should be discouraged from getting stoned, just as they should be discouraged from getting drunk.

BUT - what I really hate is the way the Mail (and some other media) are attempted to suggest opinion divides on this issue along racial lines. This is not so. There are black and white people here who support the policy and black and white people who don't. It's also divisive and silly to say "people who live on estates think this, people who live in a house think that". I'm fed up with outside forces planting the seeds of (racial) disharmony here. Can't the rest of the country accept that Brixton (despite it's problems) is an integrated community?

I sometimes think that the establishment are frightened that if different peoples get along too well they will no longer be able to keep control. The phrase "divide and rule" springs to mind.

I am 100% convinced also that Brian Paddick did not think "oh, it's an area with alot of Caribbean people so lets do the drugs experiment there". The cannabis pilot was a realistic response to existing drug use and sensible allocation of scant resources. If this has attracted "drug tourists" (blame that on the clubs I think, if it's happening atall) then that says the policy should be extended nationwide to take the focus off Lambeth, not that the policy is inherently mistaken.

Stobart Stopper

Well-Known Member
You are right, Pooka

there is no link at all, but it was just an example of what the establishment are capable of doing if things don't go their way.


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Originally posted by Brian
I've got things more in perspective now....3 - 0 !!! :D
Brian, I'm disappointed in you. I never took you to be a football fan.

Does this mean that the football board will now be holding discussions of policing?