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    It's a bit like writing an argument about a film, only to receive a very long and rather boring response about how cinema projectors work, complete with a diagram.

    My favourite part is the repeated insinuation that there's something sexist about using the men's side of the sport to illustrate one aspect of an argument, even while admitting in passing that similar examples from the women's side of the sport could be used to make the same argument. Of course absolutely nothing in the post actually engages at all with the central arguments it's supposedly countering - (1) that track cycling has the shallowest talent pool of any many-medal sport at the Olympics at professional level. (2) It has the smallest grassroots participant base of any such sport at grassroots level by an order of magnitude. (3) Only one and a half countries have a remotely serious track programme. I wonder why that is.
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    Apparently the women did so well because they had hairy snatches and shaving was verboten.
    Nothing to do with talent pool bollocks.
  3. hash tag

    hash tag Pedicabo omnes

    I was told if they shave they increased their chances of getting sores :confused:
  4. Smangus

    Smangus comatose at a desk

    That's the point I was trying to make, I translated this

    "In track cycling, GB physio Phil Burt and team doctor Richard Freeman realised saddle sores were keeping some female riders out of training.

    Their response? To bring together a panel of experts - friction specialist, reconstructive surgeons, a consultant in vulval health - to advise on the waxing and shaving of pubic hair. In the six months before Rio not a single rider complained of saddle sores."

    Source -
    Rio Olympics 2016: How did Team GB make history?

    Into urban vernacular :thumbs:, something got lost in the translation though!

    The point is attention to detail , team GB (cycling) does it better than anyone else at the moment. Also their whole training cycle is 4 yearly, geared towards the Olympics and they peak then.

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