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Cycling Thread #2 - Track


wtf did I do?
Wiggins bonked really, not surprising after his efforts.

Fuck it even if therealmCHoy, Penders' and Young Kenny all piss off down the pub and miss their races we've still been magic in the velodrome.


Fuck you Dave!

*wonders about QoG watching that with no sound!*
It's just pretty moving pictures and hand holding for me! I keep wishing two of them would give each other a little kiss on the cheek as well as hold hands ... but enough about my middle age lady fantasies :D


Kama roa, efshar livloa?
Oooh that was close!

Did Hugh Porter say Jason Kenny won the kilo in Sydney instead of Jason Queally? :D He does get carried away! Jason Kenny would have been 12!

g force

Affects Shatner's Basoon
Indeed...he looks very good. Gutted for Cav though as he was building up to these games - maybe GB should have given Wiggins' ride to Rob Hayles. No shame in it as Bradley's riden his heart out but it looked like one ride too many after that WR ride in the team pursuit.