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Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by Guineveretoo, Mar 12, 2018.

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    It looks like the plans for Crystal Palace park are much more extensive than some of us were expecting, and not all positive! It is a lot more than just conservation of the dinosaurs and a new cafe!
    Check out this link, - Nov 2017 Exhibition Board.pdf which shows an outline of the park and all the proposals, which includes more than 200 new residential units, the removal of the caravan park, demolition of the information centre and demolition of the current Diddy Dinos day nursery and play centre, removing car parking from inside the park, but building new car parks around the edges.

    They are even talking about relocating the teaching farm!

    There was an open meeting on Saturday, which I missed, and another one this afternoon (Monday 12 March), at CP rail station from 3 to 7:30.

    Crystal Palace Park Regeneration

    They are thinking of "potential new uses" for the concert platform, which cannot be a positive thing, and one to watch out for, I reckon!

    They have not yet got planning permission for all of this, so we still have time to object, if that is what people want to do.
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    The fuckers! Removing the caravan park is a shitty thing to do, must be the most central in London or near to it? All to flog off overpriced non affordable apartments to overseas investors.
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    ach, thats a bit much.

    I see c. 22M is to be made from the sale of Rockhills and Syd villas areas - The caravan park is maybe rundown and not for everyone, but is an asset for people who wish to access London without the massive expense of hotels. I know German people who go there once a year for a holiday - and would be otherwise be able to afford to stay in London. As we know fine well, this will be a land grab and once that turf is sold, any developers will be able to do what the feck they want with virtual impunity and with likely calculated avoidance of any affordable housing commitments

    It is interesting that the council would seem to be cash strapped( lolz) and have been considering the bridging finance issue between the development starting and the land being sold - this will only go one way and it will be to the detriment of the council.

    The caravan club have been given notice but the clock is ticking - any significant delays to the serving process will ensure that the CC will get an extension of kinds. Time for some filibusting
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    Cash strapped? They got 250 millions in reserves according to the local Labour Party councillors.
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