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Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by strung out, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. Poi E

    Poi E shameless

    Recommendation for Freshco cafe and deli in Addiscombe. Good selection of Turkish/E European and fresh fruit and vegetables and cracking coffee and baklava.
    IMG_20190707_103531.jpg IMG_20190707_103715.jpg
  2. GarveyLives

    GarveyLives Well-Known Member

    "So yeah" ...

    Hipsterdom is alive and thriving at £8 per pint in Surrey Street
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  3. Poi E

    Poi E shameless

    Journo comes across like a sneering hipster wanker trying to do working class authenticity TBH. "What's with cloudy beer, sandwiches that have lettuce in them, give me muck".
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