Crowdfunder for the blackest black paint in the world reaches £288k

Discussion in 'photography, graphics & art' started by editor, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. editor

    editor Forked with electrons

    Interesting tale where the 'blackest black paint in the world' was invented by scientists and Anish Kapoor went ahead and bagged exclusive rights to it.

    The guy starts off really annoying in the video on the funding page but he gets a lot more likeable as it goes on.

    The blackest black paint in the world! Black 3.0

  2. S☼I

    S☼I those funny little plans that never work out right

    It's much more black could this be?
  3. sleaterkinney

    sleaterkinney Well-Known Member

  4. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

    This has been going on a while I didn’t realise he was trying to buy it back
  5. 8ball

    8ball Chipperer than average

    Hard to say from the video, because I don't have a screen that does the blackest black, and if I did, I don't know whether the paint is blacker than that. :confused:
  6. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Starry Wisdom

    this looks like the fuligin i had been hoping for
  7. S☼I

    S☼I those funny little plans that never work out right

    The answer is "none"
  8. Celyn

    Celyn Well-Known Member

    Is it as black as priests' socks?
  9. The39thStep

    The39thStep Well-Known Member

    Nice Spinal Tap quote
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  10. MadeInBedlam

    MadeInBedlam Arm the mentally ill Enforced Holiday

    Has Mick Jagger contributed?
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