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Cricket World Cup 2019

Zapp Brannigan

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Another super over (different batsman, different bowler) would be better than a tie or an arbitrary tie breaker like boundaries scored, wickets lost or dot balls bowled. We waited 7 weeks, another 15 mins would have been ace!


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I think it should be based on a skill level from within the game that was contested. So wickets seems to me the fairest first tie break, then maybe maidens.
Wickets is ok, although I quite like the way they've moved away from that as a measure. Maidens is just as arbitrary as boundaries.

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You don't really understand cricket, do you? My suggestion has a point to it.
i understand cricket fine, i am poking fun at your arbitrary means of differentiating the teams in the event of a tie. Spymaster said - and i'd agree not only in cricket but in other sports too - that 'it should be based on a skills level from within the game contested', and having a sub on doesn't really reach that mark (obvs tea drinking doesn't either, but there you go).


It definitely looks brighter over there..
The super over took a bloody long time to be sorted. I'm not sure another one is the solution unless they are sorted out a lot quicker. I don't know why but wickets lost (in the match itself) seems to me to favour the team batting first. I can't quite say why but it feels like it does.

The team with the least number of Mitchells wins?


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I personally favour sharing trophies when the final is a draw. It just appeals more to me.
Liberal :rolleyes:


They used to share the football Charity Shield back in the day if it was a draw, six months each team. But that was technically a friendly.


It definitely looks brighter over there..
Narrow the odds of it being a draw by bowling two super overs instead of one? It wouldn't take that much more time as its the changing and padding up that takes the time.

Then again if 51 overs a side can't separate two teams what difference could one more make?


In that it's as arbitrary, but probably produces the opposite winner. England almost certainly faced more dot balls to get the same score with lots more boundaries. Ditto maidens.
Yes, it's taking the outcomes of individual balls and chucking the context by and large.


It definitely looks brighter over there..
The reason we have boundaries scored is presumably an entertainment thing. The win goes to the more entertaining side. Its like some football leagues switched to goals scored rather than goal difference. All comes back to the entertainment test: wickets lost and dot balls bowled fail on this count.


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In this particular context, I favour group stages placing just because that is a reflection of performance, even if that performance wasn't on the finals day. Let's face it, if they're still tied after a super over, any further tie break criterion based on that one game will feel feeble.


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That was shit, though. A super over is much better. Could have that next, perhaps...

of course we're debating how to solve a problem that will probably never ever come up again. ;)
No, I enjoyed the super over, a good way of deciding and more cricket.

But for a real twist make the best batter bowl and the best bowler take strike.


one of Maxwell's demons
I've witnessed a bowl-off at a t20 match. 3 stumps rather than 1, but it's a really shit spectacle if you're at the ground. The super over is a far better test and a far better spectacle. What were the chances of 241+15 each? I suspect the boundaries thing was there as an afterthought, not really expecting it to happen.


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A super over or any kind of tournament extension is absolutely the worst way of deciding, IMO, as it effectively renders the previous 6-8 hours of cricket totally null and void and brings the entire event down to a 20 minute slog-fest. At least if skill points in the game are used, it bears some resemblance to what actually happened.