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  1. Father Earl

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    Do you engage in any sort of "domestic arts/political" activity? If so, what have you done? If not, what do you think of the idea? I've been told it's meaningless and ridiculous, though I don't agree.

    On a related note, it's World Wide Knit in Public Day on 9 June this year.
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  2. Philo

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    Now this site is letting me post! I suppose putting a PVC cover on a book by Enoch Powell about why we should leave the Common Market (aka the 'EU') doesn't really count. Either as 'bookbinding' or 'political activity'. I did think of making one or two panels for a memorial quilt, for people who weren't quite dead yet but who should be. But that might be rather disrespectful of the whole project and a bad idea. Perhaps there is some charitable concern that would appreciate something to do with 'crafts'. I may donate my latest bookbinding project to a charity bookshop when I have finished. The Red Cross bookshop maybe. It is a huge volume of 'Josephus' published in 1860 with a leather spine. Salvaged from a market puddle and purchased for 50p. It might be a bit beyond my help though.
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