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Cover versions that are better than the original....


stirred the primordial soup
I am struggling to think of any, as it goes....

By which I do not mean "things that were shit to start with and someone did a version that wasn't quite so crap".

Name me a song where the original was an absolute belter and then someone has gone out and topped it.....
Hadn't noticed this thread before, but I'm pleased not to be the only one who subscribes to the "remix rule":

Remix Rule: Any remix should be at least as good asnd preferably better than the original


The Main Enemy is at home.
Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation's Warning has some great drumming

But honestly I'll have the Black Sabbath version by a mile


Modesty Bag
Listening to the original again, maybe it's more interesting than I would have thought ('utterly conformist easy-listening lounge lizard music'...):

But this is still loads better:

Now for something harder to judge: this is lovely....

But this was more to my taste..

hash tag

Oh, love and peace man. I have been having a hippy phase at the moment and have heard this a few times recently on a 60's compilation Ive got :)
The original still has an honest charm in it's delivery but i'm glad we have this cover

oh shit. found out that is from a cover album.

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Spurius Bollox
Belter by Aretha:

Better (or different?) by Southside Johnny

Have I ever mentioned how much I love SSJ?
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Literally any sentient being other than Morrissey is automatically better at doing Smiths tunes but this young woman is very good.