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Copenhagen - things to do, places to visit and general chat

Boris Sprinkler

Dont be scared
Also worth mentioning the new city ring metro has just opened which takes you to places outside of the Tivoli Gardens/Strøget bubble. Nørrebro is worth a look. One of the most interesting neigbourhoods in the town IMO. Also Christianshavn /Christiania - a good veggie restaurant I like is Morgenstedet.dk - Vegetariske og økologiske spisested på Christiania Cash only. But for 100krona you will get a huge plate of food.


What the zarking fardwark was that?
Nørrebro is worth a look.
I stayed there, loved it. One of my favourite pubs anywhere in the world is there, Cafe Viking (not a cafe)
Also, great cafe Rode Roses Kaffebar (not a bar)

Disclaimer: if you don't like people smoking in pubs, don't go to Cafe Viking. They scrupulously empty the ashtrays, but still.
Made me nostalgic tbh


I have a carburetor outside that I just have to
Got back very late last night, after an eventful plane journey home :facepalm:

We did: Tivoli, twice (beautiful in the xmas lights), Nyhavn, canal tour, half of Stroget, Norrebro & Assistens cemetery, Christiania, Church of Our Saviour (but we didn't go up the spire) and Kastellet briefly.

We had a great time, really lovely city, the people, the places, even the weather was good to us. I know there are other sides we didn't see, like more nightlife etc, but there's good chance we'll go back one day. Once we've saved up!