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Discussion in 'travel and world' started by Epicurus, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

    I went to Christiania ..... I remember VERY little :)
  2. wayward bob

    wayward bob i ate all your bees

  3. BlueSquareThing

    BlueSquareThing With chips

    We went on a canal trip which was OK - there are various places to start from, including just near Borgen iirc. Which we sort of walked through at one point as well. It's dead touristy and so on, but the harbour is quite nice and you can see Nyhaven and so on that way.

    Tivoli is good fun if you like that sort of thing. The wooden roller coaster is v good and there's stupid scary stuff too. I believe there's a museum close to there as well that' supposed to be quite good on old stuff (Ny Carlsberg Glypotek?). The Louisiana modern art museum it a train journey away to the north but is easy to get to and excellent.

    From memory beer and food can be expensive, but if you do it sensibly it's manageable. There are lots of bakeries around and you can gen up on Open sandwich places. That and a pølser should be fine.

    And you can always pop across that bridge to Malmo.
  4. joevsimp

    joevsimp Well-Known Member

    i went with a work trip so wasn't paying much attention to prices, but there's City Bar in Vesterbro where you can get 5 carlsbergs for 90kr, and shisha,

    went to Norrebro Brygghuset, as well, really nice restaurant and microbrewery, probably a bit more pricey though as its in the trendy part of town
  5. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Alles hat ein Ende nur eine Wurst hat zwei

    the resident of Christ. dont take kindly to having tourists taking pics IIRC
  6. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    Yes, that's emphasised on pretty much all the sites! Will bear it in mind when we go.
  7. Bahnhof Strasse

    Bahnhof Strasse A-wob a-bob bob

    Never been to Christiana, but everything I've ever heard about the place reminds me of Exodus, which really is no compliment.
  8. sim667

    sim667 Licking windows on the 303 bus.

    Bumping an old thread, but I went a couple of weeks ago, and here's me photies if anyone cares



    The copenhagen link under each will take you to the flickr album ;)
  9. Me76

    Me76 Not very good lurker

    I went this week. Just for one night and I was a total tourist. Loved it.

    Bought the three bus and canal boat tour tickets for £24.50. The canal boat tour was great and getting to see buildings like the opera house and the royal theatre from the river was much better than from the bus.

    Did the Visit Carlsberg thing which I wouldn't necessarily recommend but alright value (got £2.50 off with the bus tour tickets so £6 for the tour with two small beers).

    I found it completely safe and friendly and it's such a pretty city. Would definitely recommend.
  10. Boris Sprinkler

    Boris Sprinkler Jah bless

    We have a river? :oops:
  11. editor

    editor hiraethified

    It's blooming cold here but it's a lovely city. I've never seen a city with so many cyclists and bike shops. You can apparently still smoke in some of the dive bars I stumbled into tonight, so now I'm fully reacquainted with that stale smokey smell on my clothes :(
  12. Wookey

    Wookey Muppet is not a slur

    I was most impressed by the Tivoli Gardens. :)
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  13. editor

    editor hiraethified

  14. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    I was there last year. I liked the self-built houses by the lake.

    Didn't like all the young men with their hoods up selling weed.

    I mean, I live in Hackney which smells of weed for most of the year anyway and people who sell it here don't seem to turn it into a big performance, do they?
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  15. editor

    editor hiraethified

    It seemed surprisingly soulless and nothing like what I was expecting. It was strange that there was no music being played anywhere on the site, so it was just people sitting about smoking dope (whoppee-do) and lurking dealers who appeared to exude unfriendliness unless you wanted to buy off them. It was also very male-heavy throughout, and my female companions felt a little uncomfortable and said they'd wouldn't feel particularly safe going there on their own. Maybe I was just there on a bad day.
  16. Bahnhof Strasse

    Bahnhof Strasse A-wob a-bob bob

    How can it be anything else though? When an illegal activity like dealing drugs is tolerated by the authorities, the gangsters will move in to exploit it and it will all go to shit. Tbf I'm pretty impressed it lasted as a hippy ideal for as long as it did.

    People used to talk about getting authorised sites to hold illegal raves on, 5 minutes' thought would lead you to the conclusion that it would be a very bad idea. Then the French government authorised two per year and they were pretty much instantly serious crime-fests.
  17. hash tag

    hash tag member

    I'm off over there soon. Tivoli is on the list and maybe Christania....if anyone has any further updates, they would be appreciated, especially veggie places to eat :thumbs:
  18. Boris Sprinkler

    Boris Sprinkler Jah bless

    I’m veggie living in Copenhagen
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  19. hash tag

    hash tag member

    Loved the city, it's clean, uncrowded, laid back Etc.
    Thank goodness I went to War Pigs. My trip would not have been complete without it. Beer (ale) in Copenhagen is virtually non existant including War Pigs which brews many lagers and pils. The music in there rocked though" Warpigs
  20. Boris Sprinkler

    Boris Sprinkler Jah bless

    War pigs an odd veggie choice :D glad you enjoyed it.
  21. hash tag

    hash tag member

    I'm not veggie, Mrs Tag is. She enjoyed her cheese thing in war pigs, alas the greens came with chunks of meat in as did the beans.
    I went for the chicken things, medium heat - my eyes and nose streamed while eating them! There were many wrinklies, some old than me eating in there which struck me as quite odd. Also enjoyed the English pub just outside Tivoli - great barman, again playing half decent music.
    What is it with Danes and Bacon. In the hotel it was burnt beyond recognition and many other places as well! and no beans for breakfast!
  22. editor

    editor hiraethified

  23. Boris Sprinkler

    Boris Sprinkler Jah bless

    Danish bacon is shite. They export the good cuts.
  24. editor

    editor hiraethified

  25. Thaw

    Thaw Aye like, so it is.

    If you go back you might like charlies bar...they have a cask mark and do plenty of ales but just about avoids being a British theme pub. Lord Nelson is also good.
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  26. pk

    pk drink flounce rinse repeat

    Roskilde Festival was good this year. One of the best festivals on the planet really.
    Highly recommend!
  27. Boris Sprinkler

    Boris Sprinkler Jah bless

    but is an "expat" place. Full of people with opinions on shit like Brexit.
  28. Zorra

    Zorra muppet hugger

    Boris Sprinkler - you still in Copenhagen? We're moving there in August :eek::cool:
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  29. smmudge

    smmudge I have a carburetor outside that I just have to

    We've just booked a few nights between xmas and new years. Will be fucking cold obviously but we'll wrap up and hoping that the wonder and magic of the xmas spirit takes over. Staying at the Tivoli hotel so quite close to the centre I think?

    Any good recent recommendations for restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs? Especially anywhere good for veggie food!
  30. hash tag

    hash tag member

    This is one of my favourite places anywhere
    Warpigs I shall in fact be wearing my War pigs tee-shirt to a gig tomorrow night.
    beers quite good, superb rock music, Mrs Mrs said the veggie option was is basic.
    This was good n friendly The Old English Pub - Streckers Restaurants
    both are near tivoli gardens :thumbs:
    The museums are good.
    We stayed at nyhavn. It's by the canal, going down to the sea, it's picturesque with great bars and restaurants.
    Copenhagen is great for CD shops.
    More to follow with a church and shopping. Great place, loved it.
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