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Discussion in 'benefits and housing' started by Gonetoearth, Feb 28, 2018.

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    Hello All,

    I will try and keep this as simple as possible. Because of my age(50-65 bracket) i have had trouble finding work since being laid off. I finally started claiming JSA after 6 months of trying to find work and then i was put on the jobs programme. I dont know about anybody else but the people at the jobs programme i go to want to find you work, any work even if it means sweeping up dog mess in your home town(yes i have been offered this befoere). I have talked to others that are on the job programme with me and they say that the advosors here get a good payment everytime they find someone a job, which explains a lot. Last week my advisor sent me for a job which i have told her from day one not only do i not want to do it but im not cut out to actually do it and would be useless at this sort of work. Anyway i went along and tried my best but was a lot slower than the other workers here but the news came back to my advisor that i did not try my best. The advisor says she is reporting this back to my coach at the job centre and i can expect a sanction.I spoke to someone who i have become friends with here at the JP who told me the person who i was sent to for the job was a relation of my advisor. Again this makes perfect sense because i was not allowed to relay my experience of what happened and the woman who spoke to my advisor was just believed no questions asked. I have since confronted my advisor and asked her if the place she sent me to was run by a relation of hers and not to deny it as ive had it confirmed by 3 people. She said, after a 5 second delay, that she was a relation but there was nothing wrong in sending people for jobs even if they were run by relations of hers but i see a problem. Surely there has to be some sort of conflict of interest regarding this situation in all aspects. For one i am never going to be believed over any relation of hers. I would speak to my coach at the job centre but they have the same attitude which is basically take any job you are offered regardless of anything. Anyone got an opinion on this?
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    Hi Gonetoearth my experience was a little different, my adviser wanted me to get a job that I was suited to and that I would remain in. They encouraged me to apply to as many of those jobs as I could. The area where we differed was that they wanted me to apply to jobs at an up to 2 hour commute which would have meant 4 hours a day travelling.

    I was also in the "older" age bracket and sometimes felt this went against me at the interview stage. Nothing much one can do about that except in advance remove all dates from your CV, don't show jobs more than 20 years old on said CV and hope for an interview with people who value experience.
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    Sorry, to add, yes it sounds like a conflict of interests to me.

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