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Common Purpose: why the paranoia?

Discussion in 'UK politics, current affairs and news' started by Badger Kitten, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. I got sent some long rambling conspiraloonery spam with a written intro addressed to me about Common Purpose today. I was vaguely aware of Common Purpose because someone I know went on one of their courses; (she now works at a worthy human rights NGO).

    Anyway, googling it I notice that it seems to have set the conspiraloonery community a-chuntering recently in a huge way, with pages and pages of dark warnings about its masonic/New World Order/Satanic etc etc influence, with it being decribed as a virus, a criminal organisation that abuses Government and all sorts.

    On David Icke's forum they seem to be waging a war of attrition against what seems to be a harmless and well-meaning networking and leadership training programme.

    Does anyone know what the beef is?
  2. Zaskar

    Zaskar Satirist of seriousness.

    Set up by an ex big cheese in DEMOS - who advised tony balir loads - nuff said.

    tbh - it gives me the willys.
  3. Maurice Picarda

    Maurice Picarda Actually, might as well flounce.

    And there, in a nutshell, you have the problem with conspiraloons.
  4. Zaskar

    Zaskar Satirist of seriousness.

    You mean as in there isnt any, as usual?
  5. cesare

    cesare don't mourn, organise!

    It's all on that Common Purpose Exposed site, isn't it? (cpexposed.com)
  6. There are loads and loads of sites going on about it. I demonstrated this in post one with the google link.

    I'm interested as to why the sudden surge of interest in this organisation, when a) there are loads of similar ones that don't seem to stir up the same feelings and b) all the interest in them is relatively recent. I mean, there's always conspiracy websites going on about Freemasons, Bilderberg, etc etc but this CP stuff is a new one on me, and I can't really see the reason for the sudden antipathy towards it.

    Wondered whether there was some backstory I was missing.
  7. ymu

    ymu Niall Ferguson's deep-cover sock-puppet

    A loon came up with a particularly appealing detective story featuring these guys, and it took off from there?
  8. LJo

    LJo Evil Feminist Cabal

    I've posted about this before.

    I seem to remember posting that I had worked for them, that I'd had access to all the CEO's emails, phone calls, meetings, etc, and had not particularly enjoyed the experience of working for them.

    I then went on to point out that therefore if there was some conspiracy about Common Purpose, I would have been very happy to expose it. Unfortunately, there, er, isn't. Not at all. It's exactly what it appears to be - a slightly wanky New Labourish not-for-profit networking organisation that thinks it is far more important and influential than it actually is.

    I invited the last conspiraloon who posted about Common Purpose to ask me anything he/she liked, as I had been On the Inside, so to speak. He/she never posted about it again, which was a shame.

    The main reason why there is stupid conspiralunacy, I would say, is that the people who go on the courses and the people who work there make such a bloody big deal about how incredibly exclusive it is and you have to go on a course to really understand it, blah blah. This is bollocks. The most radical thing I ever saw someone do on a Common Purpose day was go round the town centre in a wheelchair to see what it is like for wheelchair users. That group came back with the incredible insight that it can be hard to be a wheelchair user who has to use public transport.
  9. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp

  10. LJo

    LJo Evil Feminist Cabal

    What I posted in the other thread before Badgers'...

  11. :D

    My friend thought it was an okay training session but she'd been on better.

    Missed the thread badgers, thanks for that
  12. cesare

    cesare don't mourn, organise!

    That Generation Infinity event is a bit :hmm: though ... every adult has to bring along a young friend/relative of between 12 and 22.
  13. Blagsta

    Blagsta Minimum cage, maximum cage

    Naaah, it's some youth outreach thing.
  14. 8ball

    8ball ...I'm pretty sure it wasn't.

    The fact that conspiraloons dislike something doesn't automatically make it a good thing.
  15. cesare

    cesare don't mourn, organise!

    Must be boring as hell for the 12 year olds - did you see the list of speakers :D
  16. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp

    Just seems a bit Masonic to me.

    The Masons are still going in their club.
    This mob will still be going in their club.
    The left will still be going in their club.

    No biggy, I was just curious to see how well known it was. I think that I have only heard about them once in mainstream media which was around the time I started the thread. If I read 'Common Purpose' on a CV for a position I was recruiting then I would think wtf?
  17. 8ball

    8ball ...I'm pretty sure it wasn't.

    Slimy networking thing.

    Don't like the way they seem to be targeting kids but the way they go about things I imagine they'll just come across as tragically uncool.
  18. cesare

    cesare don't mourn, organise!

    Yep, I can't really muster up any sympathy for the attention they're getting from the conspiracy theorists tbh.
  19. 8ball

    8ball ...I'm pretty sure it wasn't.

    I can kind of see where they're coming from, though.

    It's hard to idly click round the CP website for long without a bit of nausea and a few involuntary shudders.
  20. cesare

    cesare don't mourn, organise!

    Ah yeah, totally. The way it's written is like an open invitation for the CTers. Oh, and NLP *pet hate*
  21. 8ball

    8ball ...I'm pretty sure it wasn't.

    So I guess we've more or less answered BK's question, then. :)
  22. cesare

    cesare don't mourn, organise!

    Looks like it :D
  23. Psychonaut

    Psychonaut Well-Known Member

    from the 'edge media' interview with Brian Gerrish;

    an applicant from norwich was rejected by CP because they were (CP quote) 'too norwich'

    i think it was norwich, might have been some other SE town.
  24. 8ball

    8ball ...I'm pretty sure it wasn't.

    It was Norwich.
  25. Oh well, that is entirely reasonable. You can't have someone join your leadership from Norwich.
  26. pinkmonkey

    pinkmonkey 2.4 hour party person

    Was the applicant Alan Partridge, perchance?
  27. likesfish

    likesfish chanelling mike from spaced

    if they are the lizards :D
    the future is going to be even more depressing:(
    rather than battling robots and alien lizards.
    the future will be a tedious series of power-point presentations and some embarrassing role plays and ice breakers:facepalm:

    the money could be spent on something useful like an attack helicopter:mad:
  28. panpete

    panpete Blokes name, birds body.

  29. Blagsta

    Blagsta Minimum cage, maximum cage

    brian gerrish is a loon

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