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commentators are twats - a compendium of the stupidest comments this world cup


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this is surely the classic of the tournament: David Pleat, on 5Live, commentating on Italy going out:


Termite Man

zombie flesh eater
I can't remember who said it or which game it was ( might have been Mick McCarthy )

one player fouls another

commentator 1 - he only gave hima tap

commentator 2 - he should have been a plumber

fucking idiots :mad:


The Cake of Liberty
During the Germany V Argentina game one commentator described Tevez as 'Like a one-man battleship'


slovenia game

'watching England can certainly cure constipation'

'is that what that smell is'

I don't watch owt but england world cup games with a lazy half-on the game but I mean really. these people get paid to make schoolboy asides like that? They should be explaining the dynamics to people like me who don't follow football. Not making fart jokes ffs.


not the only raver in the village
saw the quarter finals on holiday. couldn't fault the french commentators. Great enthusiasm .

i couldnt understand a word of course, but do you really need commentators if you're not blind?


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Nothing, no nothing can top the astonishing decision to let Alan Shearer loose on the townships
bbc need to fuck Shearer off he is useless and too dumb for TV work. Keep Lee Dixon tho I think he's good at it


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Adrian Chiles has just prefaced some remark with something in this vein
"I know, I heard about that while I was at the gym"

There have been some things in this WC which have been difficult to credit.
Brazil being knocked out.
Some refs and linesmen.
Heskey coming on instead of Crouch.
The immense noise of the vuvzelas.
No one thumping Ronaldo.
Wayne Rooney.
Diego Maradonna's facial topiary.

But Adrian Chiles being a gym bunny just about takes the cake.


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Anyone else catch Gary Lineker's little bit of oneupmanship when saying Carles Puyol - "Pujol".

I speak Catalan, me. I played for that Barcelona.

Fair enough.

happie chappie

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Fucking Mark Lawrenson and his constant “humorous” asides.

If I wanted a barrage of lame-arsed jokes disguised as entertainment I’d have watched an ITV sit-com instead.

Shut-the-fuck up!!!