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Coming Up Next: Peckham's Gentrification


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Peckham has always had a bit of a reputation. For Londoners it was associated with brutal high-rises, gun crime and the murder of Damilola Taylor. In the words of long-term resident Mickey Smith, founder of the Bussey Building (Peckham’s answer to the Hacienda), the common perception was that visitors would be ‘stabbed or robbed, which wasn’t true, but was the impression the media gave out’. For the rest of the country, it was Only Fools and Horses. However, the secret among the bohemians taking advantage of its off-the-radar status was that Peckham was actually quite laid-back, with an incredible community spirit and cheap Victorian houses.


I used to live in Peckham. It was a much, much nicer place to live than any of the places I lived around Brixton. People were nice to each other in the street and everything.

The was a marked increase of wankiness creeping in, though. As the Monkeygrinder says.


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It's been the "new Dalston" for some time now tbf

Lol sez who?

When I moved to London I was 'the rest of the country' and living on Dog Kennel Hill and going north past the Nag's Head lol but since then I am only aware of the 'poncey part of Peckham' fogbat and Bellend Road with the buttplugs and already enormously gentrified adjacent boozers.



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i thought Peckham had already been gentrified?
Exactly, this is old news although now there's renewed interest because it's much easier to get to with the new overground route from Dalston.

Was in the car park last weekend for the drone day, spectacular views listening to Elaine Radigue & James Tenney, who'd have thought.


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Next on the list - South Norwood, Catford & Penge.

I remember when Clapham was a place down towards the end of the Northern line and you would only live in Balham if you were a bit skint/just moved to London.